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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Writing this Blog

I wrote this little bit last night thanking MF, a serious blogger for checking out my website and my works here. Having something that you put all your heart and soul into and having that work recognized is important to me. For me personnally as a writer it was like having Stephen King say "I liked it."

I went on about having my novel finished and if any publishers or literary agents wanted to see it to just let me know. Yes it was a shameless plug but isn't that my right as the publisher of this blog. If you can't toot your own horn in your own house then where can you. I'm trying to get it published so what better time or place to let the world know that it could be worth a shot at publishing it?

Some idiot left an automessage on some garbage about whatever they were selling. College degrees from Fudgeawattyville or whatever in two weeks. Out the window went my heart felt thank you and my little bit on being a writer. I would rather delete my speal than forever have this automessage sales pitch attached to my thoughts. So goes the blogging life.

I'm opening and reading the manual on this blog thing and checking all the fine print on how to deal with such things in the future. Messing with a newbie isn't right.

Anywho, getting past all that I humbly thank you MF for your email and your time for considering my work.

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