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Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigration and Politicians

Looking at the news tonight I was a little surprised to see all the demonstrations across our nation. It shows us all how truly vital to our economy immigrants are. Today showed us that you can’t push through an immigration plan that makes so many people instant criminals. So now the immigrants and all of their supporters are going back to work. So now it is time for all the politicians in Washington to roll up their sleeves and really get to work on legislation that makes sense.

It was kind of funny to me seeing how all of the “Economists” came out of the woodwork everywhere giving their spin on today’s events. Where were they a month ago when the politicians needed some serious advice? Pictures across the country showed ports being shut down, bus terminals void of workers, meat packing plants, farms of every type and all kinds of businesses closed due to lack of employees. None of the politicians working on the immigration legislation had a clue what a wide spread effect these hard working people had until they didn’t show up for work.

They could have looked around once in a while? If the politicians lived in the real world as most of us do then they would see or hear that the pretty girl serving them food every day at the luncheon counter is from somewhere else. The guy driving the limousine they ride in to the airport is from somewhere else. The woman at the nursing home that is caring for their elderly mother or father is from somewhere else. Don’t forget the construction workers repairing all those bridges that are falling apart across the country that are from somewhere else. You would think that a light bulb would have gone off in the politicians head at least once?

It is time to toss out all the garbage they thought was an immigration plan and start from scratch. These people deserve the dream of being a legalized American citizen. They are here and they are not going to leave so let’s see an immigration plan that has a little more common sense in it and less grand standing. Toss out the criminal talk, toss out the fines and timelines and toss out the attitude that these people don’t have a voice.


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