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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Time to legislate real Immigration plans

Immigration to the United States is going to happen for then next millennium so lets get a real immigration plan that works. Let us all put some serious thought into new ideas that will make sense and actually work as it should. A couple of years back the Congress offered a Tax Amnesty from the IRS. That was a nice deal for all those people making minimum wage with all them offshore bank accounts. Now they are all legal with passbook savings and the US Treasury took in some serious money from all of those minimum wage earning, tax-dodging criminals. I’m pretty sure there was one or two people making over a hundred grand a year that took advantage of the Tax Amnesty but no more than three people maximum. Is there a good enough argument to put Immigrant Amnesty on the table?

Like it or not we need some form of guest worker program. President Bush is right on this one and lets get that up and running so people that want to work the system legally can actually do it legally. Do we need to beef up the security on the borders? Yes we do, let’s do that then and get it started. Do we need to expand the ranks of the border patrols? Absolutely, let’s get it started. Let’s see the Congress get all the simple stuff that everyone agrees on off the docket and the stuff they can’t sent back for deliberation and further discussion.

Not all of the immigration problems we face today in our nation can be solved by one huge plan. There have been suggestions to overhaul FEMA for it’s lack of abilities to respond to disasters in our nation so why are we not also looking at overhauling INS? The system is broken and we need to own up to it and either fix what we can or replace the whole thing.


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