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Friday, April 28, 2006

Immigration and May 1st boycott

I personally back the many immigrants in this country legally or illegally. The majority of illegal immigrants are here to work, work hard and provide for their children. I just don't honestly think that an ultimatum boycott is the best way to go diplomatically with the American people or our elected leaders. It sends the wrong message for a good cause that should be settled politically and with the utmost haste in the Congress and the Senate. That in itself is and will always be a slow process.

Americans are an odd bunch of people that do not fit anywhere else in the world. We love the underdog and politically and personally we support immigration no matter what part of the world you come from. Our shining beacon is the Statue of Liberty in New York that asks for your people that are not considered worthy of the country they had to flee from. Only in America can you as an immigrant become an American by choice. Once you are here you are no longer an Irishman like myself, or an Englishmen, a Tibetan, a Mexican, a Puerto Rican or even a Canadian. You are an American if you come here to become more than you had for an opportunity for your life in your country of origin.

Yes there are problems with our country in dealing with immigration and our systems to deal with the flood of people wanting more for their lives and their childrens lives. Are our systems becoming over run? Yes, but that is where our band of people have to talk and throw it out there for discussion. That is what our government is all about. Fixing the problems to keep America moving forward. That is where it all gets kind of tricky and huge demonstrations help to get the attention of the people that make the laws of the land. Demonstrations that are peaceful and without incidents. Ultimatums, work outages sends the wrong message to half or more of the people in the country. It is pretty much chucking the bird at most of us working hard for our own families and our life is not as important as yours. Immigration is coming to the front of the agenda in our government and it has to take its own course. What comes out is what comes to be. There is a reason it is taking so long to come to law in our capitol and government. Pro and Con has to be debated and a resolution for all the people determined. Like it or not that is the system that is the government of America.

Flags have been raised and I see them as well as others that are opposed to immigration. You can't ask for change if you do not work the political system put in place by our founding fathers. Who is hurt by demanding or dictating any desires you need to change the system? Certainly not your cause for immigration. Flying the American flag upside down under the Government of Mexico's is never a good idea to get your point across. Burning our nations flag is way out of the ball park! Not that I've seen it yet but some idiot will do it and that will paint a picture that will never be taken back. All the news agencies will pick it up and broadcast it as the new plague over running the country. That would be the ball game so to speak for your arguement. Veterans that have served our country will rightfully argue against your cause and I and many others could not defend your cause if our flag that you desire to be yours is desicrated and burned. Free speach has its limits.

Americans are a funny bunch of many nationalities but together we are all Americans that have one thing we all believe in, freedom. Many of our sons, daughters, parents, grand parents and the list goes on fought and died to defend that one thing that we all hold dear. To be just free.

The May 1st boycott of immigrants will only serve the people that want to be served. It will also send a negative message to those that oppose you and give fuel to thier fires. Working with the people that make the laws makes far more sense. Be heard by contacting your Congressmen or State Senator. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be a legal U.S. citizen to have a voice in change of our laws. That is the beauty of our country.

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