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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Government Service Equals Investigations?

Is it just me or does it seem that more and more people in service to the American people in our government are under investigation for one reason or another. I just read that a former acting head of the FDA was under investigation and was of course pleading the 5th. For Lester Crawford it comes down to selling off stock while he headed the FDA. If you think about it all for a bit you kind of have to think that the "Good Fellas" are running our government. Should we be changing the names of the innocent to protect the guilty? That is what it seems comes out of Washington, D.C. lately. Serve the people and there is a 50/50 chance you are going to do time.

Just look at what Jack Abramoff, the God Father of lobbyists was able to do with his company. I've heard reports from different talk radio shows across the spectrum that he alone could bring down upwards of sixty highly elected political people. That is a quote from both Bill O'Reilly and from Al Franken based on various guests they have had on their radio shows. I'm just guessing that Jack Abramoff is just doing the old CYA...Cover Your Ass. So he is talking like there is no tommorow too. We are going to have to put up a deli number ticket dispenser up at the special prosecutors offices. Knowing our conservative fiscally responsible government it will probably be the same guy that supplies those thousand dollar toilet seats to the military. Hey he takes coupons so it really is a good deal! Wink, wink, wink.

How do we get this mentality out of our government? How do we change what is the status quo of serving your own financial gain while serving America? It seems like this all started during the Reagan years but I may be wrong. Could it have been the Nixon era with Watergate? I don't know but Iran/Contra and the diverting of funds and the trials that followed seemed to start the feeding frenzy that has gone on ever since. Every President's administration has been under the legal microscope since. Not that some didn't deserve it but that is a fact. The only winners in this are the lawyers. Then again don't most of our Congressmen and Senators have legal degrees?

To which raises another question as to whether or not we should be electing so many lawyers to government offices? Should we be looking at other proffesions more suitable for public office? We did the Plumbers with Nixon and that didn't work out. We had the Auto Workers with Ford. Jimmy Carter had the churches and the people. the Screen Actors with Reagan. More screen actors and Hollywood with Clinton. Bush has had the big oil and big finance people. Anyone know of a good Jewish Carpenter looking for work rebuilding America? Let me know... God only knows we need one now more than ever.

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