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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gas and Energy Crisis on the Horizon

Energy Secretary Sam Bodman was on Meet the press today with Tim Russert and he isn't painting a pretty picture for the future of oil and gasoline. Basically, we are looking at a three year window of an energy crisis. If that is the case then we as American's and Canadian's need to kick our energy savings butt's into high gear. I'm sure you have seen the signs out there "Think Globally and Act Locally". That is what we all need to do. If there is a way to save energy at home or even where we work we need to look at it, evaluate it and implement it. Below are some of the things we could all do to save dollars on our overall energy use.

The following links are some great websites with energy saving ideas. Click on the link for the area of interest to you...

Gas saving tips for your car... This one has thirty tips on saving gasoline.

Do it yourself Solar Air Heating... How to build your own home solar window heater.

Pre-built Solar heating units... Heats 750 to 1000 square feet on a sunny day.

Tankless Gas and Electric water heating... I have one of these in my own home and love it. Ours is a natural gas heater and with five daughters showering...Dad still has hot water for his shower. Ours has a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer and we bought it at Home Depot. No more paying for heating water when its not being used for 20 hours of the day.

Solar and other alternative power... Great online magazine with great advice and articles on Solar and Wind energy for people that are interested.

High Efficiency Furnace for gas forced hot air... Amazing website with tons of info.

Oil Burner Efficiency... Lots of info on your home heating.

There are lots of websites out there and most of them will tell you what the actual savings per year will be. Check it out and gear your energy use savings up.


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