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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Moussaoui and his voice are done.

This piece of dirt or (insert your own expletives) was tried and convicted for his crime in the participation of the September eleventh attacks on our nation. Finally it is done! The multitude of families effected by 9/11 will have some closure but I'm sure it will never be enough. Shutting the media up on his statements to the world and his personal opinions to the world can not happen soon enough!

I have to say that I am glad this scumbag got life in prison. I don't personally believe in the death penalty but can understand how other people would. If he lives out his life term to be an old man is another story that may or may not happen? Our government could not convince the jury that the death penalty was warranted and that is the end of the case. Eye for an eye travels many boundries and many personal ideologies.

Prisoners have patriotic pride just as strong if not more than the free men on the outside. The men behind bars have families outside in our free world and they also have emotions as well as those of us that lived through the September eleventh nightmare. Things happen in prisons that we as a free society can not control. Prison life has it's own rules and the ones inside make them. There is no way to regulate or sanction or punish what happens inside the walls of a prison. These are incarcerated men for crimes they committed against society but these men also have ethics and convictions other than legal ones. They will pass their own judgement on this scumbag and that will be his fate in this world.

As a person of faith I can only hope that he eventualy sees all the pain he caused on that horrible day but I honestly don't know if he ever will. That is what troubles me. My faith tells me the death penalty for this scumbag is wrong but I so much want him out of this world but can't honestly believe that doing that to him will ever change what happened on 9/11. It will not bring back our family loved ones or friends that died that day. So many people lost so many loved ones and so much that thier loss was ten fold to our country. We live in a country of 300 million people and everyone knows of someone or someone who knew someone that died that day at the hand of insane radical people just wanting to put their message on the news no matter the cost.

I'm putting my faith in the prison system of our country and what will happen will happen.

Sometimes I hate being a faith oriented and liberal thinking person. That is my fate and lot in life to deal with on my own. I think I will be okay in the morning with my personal dilema but I don't think the scumbag Moussaoui will be okay tomorrow or the next? I hate to even put his name on my site he disgusts me that much.

Your thoughts are????


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