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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Immigration Laws and the States

If the federal government is not going to tackle the immigration concerns then the states one by one will produce fifty different versions for immigration enforcement.

Some states have already passed legislation requiring proof of citizenship to obtain a driver’s license. Others are making the job of INS that of the towns and city police departments to verify your citizenship on all traffic stops. This can only lead to racial profiling again by police but that is the route they are being forced to take. Then there are the border states that are building their own walls and fences to stop the flow of immigrants from South America. Some states are pulling a "Don’t ask…Don’t tell" policy as far as education being available. I saw on the WP that Arizona’s legislature has asked the US Coast Guard for assistance? What ocean borders Arizona? I suppose that thought goes along with people that can’t find Louisiana on the map?

I can picture it now. Driving along the highway on the Interstate and unlike the truck drivers who have to stop at the "Weigh Station" you would have to stop at the "Race Station" as your car crosses each state line. State Police would be out there with little CSI Crime scene kits and swab not just the inside of your mouth but your grandmothers in the back seat and your 2.3 kids in their mandatory safety seats. Even the family dog who is a German Shepherd will have his DNA checked against a Homeland Security Database and if you fail the test you would be shackled and placed on a boat to East Gigga-a-where-abouts. It will not matter that you were born and raised in Boston or Long Island or Topeka, you are going on a long boat ride!

What this all screams of is a lack of leadership on immigration reform from Washington. In the absence of that leadership the people at the state level will pass laws to protect themselves from the wave of humanity coming into the country. I can sympathize with some of the states that their systems are being overwhelmed. The people that immigrate here legally will be hounded for the rest of their lives just because the state they live in says that they should be. The ones coming here illegally will circumvent the system anyway and tomorrow is just another day. What is going to happen is that laws will be passed on the state level and people will be singled out. The courts will get flooded and somewhere down the road the Supreme Court will rule that this state can’t do this and that state can’t do that and the list will go on.

For all this we can thank our good friends in the Congress who are overly concerned enough too not do anything about immigration this year. The less the mini-publicans do about immigration reform before the November elections the better off they are at getting re-elected.


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