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Sunday, April 30, 2006

For Dawn Marie

When you read this and I know you will, you had better find your voice to do what is within you.

Sometimes you have to be the big girl that I taught you how to be. I think you already had it in you but that is a discussion for another day. It's not a fun thing to do but it is what it is. You tell people up front who you are and be who you are and that is what they have to take away from the conversation. Like it or not they know where you stand. That is a quality that is a gift and something to never take lightly. Used appropriately it is something that can make a difference in so many lives around you.

If you see something you don't agree with then shout at the wind if that is all you can get to listen to you but keep shouting. Sometimes the winds change and life changes. You see something on these pages then talk it out in a form that makes sense with arguements that pin point your values and you will never go wrong. Call someone a moron or use language unbecoming of a statesman like forum and you lose your arguement and the respect of your opponent and all that will listen to you. Point out weakness in your opponents thought process and you have a discussion to change life in America. Otherwise your just slinging shit at the wind and it always blows back on you. Then what are you going to do?

Good advice not only for my oldest baby but for all of us. Have a voice and be heard with character and faith in your convictions. Never be afraid to speak what you feel and know that your voice can start the fire that becomes a new avenue of change for the few that need to be heard. You have been a gift to my life and your sisters and I forever will be greatful for that and I can only hope that I have shown you how to be more than the average person.

Make me proud and make a difference in your own world. That isn't so hard is it?

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