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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rumsfeld, going, going, gone

Rumsfeld got beat up today all over the news and he deserved it. As much as they try to make sure there is only party mini publicans at these speaches they can never seem to get it right. Somebody will always get through. Bush on his trips and public events has the audience pretty much screened so he does not have to have the embarassment that Rumy faces.

Six retired Generals are calling for Rumsfeld to step down and the Bush administration just moves on. Nothing going on here so just move on folks. Nothing to see. How they do it day after day is a puzzle to me. I could never pull it off. Then again I wouldn't try to pull it off.

The main problem with the Bush Presidency is that they are constantly back pedaling and forgetting what they said yesterday. Honesty is something you can never go wrong with. You don't have to remember what you said because the truth sets you free. That is something this administration runs from at the highest speed possible. Rumsfeld will face this kind of atmosphere no matter where he goes because he is forever back pedaling. Time to go away Donny. Time to go.

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