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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Congress and Lobbying

Todays events up on the hill were nothing but smoke and mirrors when it comes to lobbyist and Congressional members. The mini publicans are all over it calling it true reform and a positive change to the system. This landmark legislation that they passed today has enough power to stop a train... that wasn't moving to begin with. The mini publicans will spend the next few weeks telling us all to look at the shiny object they are holding in their left hand while they take the whole cookie jar with their right hand.

So what exactly did we buy today from the Congress other than the fact that paid trips are still on the table, meals, tickets to shows and sports events and the list goes on. Lobbying our government is a two billion dollar a year industry onto itself and growing. If you do the math and divide that amount of money by the number of Congressional seats and Senators you come up with a staggering amount of special interest per elected representative.

Teddy Roosevelt was right way back in 1912. See his quote that I posted earlier today. The mini publicans are running the show and they are never going to let a free meal or free money go away. Corruption gets a reprieve for yet another day. I can't wait for November how about you?


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