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Friday, April 28, 2006

Limbaugh and his addiction is not a joke

Rush is facing the demons of his life and taking what he should for what he did from the court. Regardless if it was a settlement or terms from the judge the decision has been made. I think it is in poor taste for anyone, anywhere in any media format to paste his personal problem and drug addiction and boast how he deserved more or less in punishement. We have to take the high road on this one as Democrats. We have to be above the people that knock others down when they have a personal problem. I love being a semi liberal Democrat and I feel bad for the guy. If he was my next door neighbor and I knew he had a problem I would be the first one to say "What can I do to help you?" That is what people that think like Democrats do. We help up others. Pick a cause and their we are in the front lines. Helping others that can not help themselves.

Is Rush an obnoxious Republican tool? Absolutely! Is he crude and condescending to Democrats, liberals and anyone that is not towing the party line and agenda? Oh ya. That is how he makes his living and give him some credit for being the best radio idiot on the other side but that is a political distinction and not a personal one. If you hate his politics and line of thought then thank God above you are not him. Then step away from this issue and be thankful that you do not stand in his shoes.

Drug addiction to prescription drugs can strike anyone no matter what your lot in life is and it is not a fate you want to face and fight. Lots of us have stories of addictions of many kinds and from many sources and it is nothing to cut anyone down for no matter what reason you think you have. Step up and step away from tearing Rush down. Take the higher road. Be a better person. Do as we as Democrats always do and see the problem and help the troubled souls of this world back up to participate in our society as a free individual. Nobody else will so we have too!

That in the nutshell is the real difference between a true Democrat and a true Republican. Other than that you have to hate the sin but love the sinner as it is said in the good book. Ironic isn't it?

When he says he is on the road to recovery and past this crisis in his personal life and wants to talk about issues then I am the first one to have game. Till then, on political issues we disagree and always will but I give him credit for seeking the help he needs to fight his own personal addiction problem.

Tell me if I'm wrong?


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