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Friday, May 05, 2006

Bush Moving Vans Spotted...

Porter Goss is hanging it up and calling it quits as the director of the CIA. President Bush thanked him for getting the ship back in order and Porter said it was ready to sail. Then they called it a day. Just another day in the Bush administration. The moving vans are lined up at Langley to cart away Porters stuff.

Anyone reading inbetween the lines on this? Why is Porter bailing? What does he know that he really doesn't want to be there, in that position come this November? Something smells funny and we all know it isn't Dick Chaney's feet because he is out of the country. Then again, while Dick is away is George getting into stuff he shouldn't be doing? He is the "Decider" in the White House so maybe Dick is catching the red eye to get back as soon as he can.

If you think about the position of Director of the CIA and all the power that goes with it then you tend to conclude that you just don't walk away from that post if you were Porter Goss. Nobody walks away from that much power for any reason unless it is a really, really, good reason. Here is a job where you can direct operations for national security in the world and that is a good thing. Protecting American interests around the world and gathering information on possible enemies around the globe. It is the ultimate power position in government to do as you please when you please and it is sanctioned by the Congress. What if you were told to direct your attentions elsewhere? What if you were told to look within our own countries borders for so called "Terrorist" activity. What if the target of your new found focus was more political than defending the nation? Combine these hypothetical thoughts with the FACT that they are seeking to expand the authority of wire tapping inside the country and bypass the court that oversees those requests and what do you get? A guy with a clean conscience that wants no part of it. Makes you go Hmmmm, don't it? Then again he just might want to spend time with his family....

The weekend is here. I'm hunkering down in my little hamlet here in New England. Terrorists are out to get us all according to President Bush so my five girls and I are getting prepared. I've got my Spam and bottled water and a couple of old fire crackers from two years ago fourth of July celebration. I've got the Gun Toting Liberal on speed dial and then there is my big gun, the wife with her cast iron skillet. Bring it on Terrorists!

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Truly appreciate the link and the kind words, bro. Keep on bloggin' ON...


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