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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Huffington Post Declares Obama the Winner?

One could put my style of writing in the column of NOT a John McCain supporter but he does have some charm. I can picture Walter from Jeff Dunham fame, and John McCain both as elderly cranky, pissed off greeters at WalMart. Walter would be telling you to get your sh!t and get out and McCain would be manipulating the automatic doors with his garage door opener to slam them shut on slow walkers. Oh, and the banner from above is from the home page of the McCain campaign website? Espanol? Espanol and Republican is an election year oxymoron!

I’m not a huge fan of the Huffington Post but I am slowly becoming aware of some amazing writers on the site. Seth Grahame-Smith has an amazing piece on the outcome of the current Presidential election and I tend to see his point in some respects.

All of McCain's Base Belongs to Us: Why It Won't Even Be Close

It's over.

It's mathematically impossible for John McCain to win.

Were the great Tim Russert still with us, he would call the election for Obama at 7pm Eastern time. No, I'm not talking about November 4th -- I mean tonight.


Imagine yourself in a high school history class a century from now. Imagine the teacher beginning the section on the elections of 2008 by setting the scene: "America's economy was in flames, we were fighting two wars with no end in sight, and global warming was accelerating at an alarming rate. The most despised president in 150 years was nearing the end of his two corruption-ridden terms, and had heartily endorsed his successor, John McCain -- who, despite a few ideological differences, planned on keeping the status quo intact. Running against him was a lightning-in-a-bottle candidate named Barack Obama. A candidate who had nearly six times the money to spend, drew crowds of 70,000, and who received support from a surprising number of disenfranchised Republicans -- even some of the Evangelicals who swept Bush to power. Obama was the story. He captured the imagination of young Americans and the world. Now, by a show of hands -- who thinks McCain won that election?" (A particularly easy question, since they're sitting in Barack Obama High).
- Huffington Post

As a moderate voter that has in the past voted for Ronald Reagan for President, twice, and Mitt Romney as Governor my vote is not in the can for any political party. Sometimes our local, state, and federal governments need a kick in the back side to wake up. Reagan was by far not a perfect President but he was the first to step up to the plate to say that American’s should never be ashamed to be American’s and that touched my heart politically in a time when we were a pox on the world. Our military was a mess, our economy in the toilet and his efforts to end the cold war and bust the Soviet bank worked. Call him a monster for all of his other mistakes but we are no longer training our kids to hide under their school desks so to speak.

As for voting for Mitt Romney, when you live in a tax you to death state like Massachusetts where one party controls all the spending then there is no such thing as a bad tax. The legislators pass them and we the people pay them. Mitt Romney was a force to reckon with when it came to new taxes and held his promise to the state’s voters. In that respect, I would have voted for him again as a Democrat. Not all Democrats are tax and spend voters just as not all Republican voters are conservative. That would be an alleged definition that the press and political campaigns pretend to define with a wink and a nudge in the papers and on the television.

Personally, I don’t think this race is over till November but then again I am a political junkie with a huge monkey on his back. Even if Obama has $500 Million in his war chest, one very serious debilitating mistake can toss an election even when the odds are overwhelming to begin with.


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Anonymous Infidel753 said...

Obama will lose. The Democrats will win almost everything else in landslides, but no matter what the Puffington Host thinks, Obama will lose. That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it. Four months from now we'll see who was right.

10:53 PM  

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