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Monday, June 23, 2008

Water for Fuel

After seeing the price for a gallon of gas bust the $4 per gallon mark I went searching for alternative fuels for my truck. A couple years ago I did a piece on this and the technology has now come down to do it yourself kits sold online. Let's just say that I was little skeptical so I went YouTube surfing for a couple of hours looking for results on HHO gas from water as fuel.

Mind you most of the video's I watched use HHO gas as an additive to your gasoline and the vehicles are not running strictly on the water to fuel cell process. The television show Mythbusters did a piece on this one and of course they proved the myth as Busted! But! Big old hairy BUTT! They forgot a couple of key components to the process... DUH!

It seems like an interesting back yard mechanic project but I would be afraid to try it on my truck. With my luck I'd blow up the engine and the block would melt through the core of the Earth and show up in China somewhere. If you know of someone that has tried one of the internet kits then please have them email us.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be careful when looking at those hydrogen kits. Some are sold on eBay, and the reviews aren't good. Sounds like a scam.

Have you considered used vegetable oil? We're keeping our eyes open for a couple of old diesels that we could convert to run on that. It wouldn't take much, at least not for a backyard mechanic. The main issue is keeping the oil fluid enough to run through the system in cooler climates. That, and if people quit ordering greazy fries. ;)

I read somewhere about some fuel oil furnaces being able to run on used veggie oil as well.

7:10 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Check out water as fuel on You Tube Chell and let me know what you think? I spent a couple of hours researching it today which is not enough but HHO injected into the fuel line as a gas will add power to the vehicle. I'm just not sure how the computers on the modern engine would know that they need to draw less gasoline?

From what I have seen, for each car the systems need to be tweeked and that would be the computer systems on the vehicle.

Do a YouTube search on it. Some of the backyard mechanics have tweeked the original design and they claim better efficiency with tons of different adjustments to the original design that has been around since the early 1990's.

Maybe it is bunk but the principal and theory can create HHO gas that could feed a combustion gas engine.

Then again I'm an idiot and I go to meetings willingly...LOL!!!

Shiney object... what were we talking about?

Miss ya thoughts my friend!

7:22 PM  

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