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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Winter Fears in June

With the price of oil going through the roof and every other utility that people use to heat their homes going up and up people are terrified. People that can not or do not have access to alternative heat sources such as renters and some home owners are literally fearing the coming winter. This is not a joke, just talk to your neighbor if you live in a northern climate state. People are scared to death that they will either eat or heat. What are the elderly folks living alone in their houses going to do on a fixed income when the cost to feed the oil tank is more than the Social Security check they get each month. To put it simply, they will freeze to death in their own home only to be found in the spring.

Americans fought a revolution over tyranny a couple of hundred years ago because their rights to exist were trampled on by a King thousands of miles away. In perspective to that, the King has been replaced by Wall Street’s self proclaimed Lords of the free market. They are not alone in the guilt and blame for this current energy crisis but the prices will never drop to where they were before simply because financial gravity dictates that it can not and will not. In all of this speculation is mutual funds that many of us own and have profited from with the rising price of oil. Retirement funds moved dollars into oil when the dollar fell on the world markets and in doing so reaped enormous profits for the funds.

We have a revolution on our hands in America and the enemy is Us! We can choose to shoot ourselves in our foot with our retirement investments or we can shoot ourselves in the foot with our need for gasoline and home heating oil at a reasonable price? Pick one, then pick a foot to shoot off!

What can you do as your part of the energy revolution? Move your investments out of oil stocks and energy futures. Place the funds into alternative energy research and the double digit growing green energy field. Talk to your investment analyst but make your voice loud and clear. Wall Street and the markets are pricing you out of heat this coming winter and now is the time to speak up with your investment dollars.

We can all bitch and moan about the cost to heat our homes but if you benefit from the gains for the sake of someone freezing to death because a cheaper alternative energy investment did not have the potential gain then the game is the game. When it’s ten degrees out and the thermostat for your grandparents is set at 45 degrees because the oil will run out faster than the pension money does then it is what it is. Investment dollar gains in your IRA or 401K will never equal the amount of sweaters and blankets an elderly person will need to put on to survive this coming winter.

What is truly scary is that this same scenario holds true for many middle class families. People earning decent wages, people with the means to change heating sources now, people working multiple jobs and still in fear of what they will have to do next winter to keep warm. Make no mistake about it, the price of oil is the American peoples enemy and the people controlling that market manipulation in many respects is you and I with our investments for our own retirement. You can look at your statements and shrug your shoulder or move your money out of the people robbing you blind on your oil tank and gas tank. It’s your choice. Money is feeding this frenzy in the price of oil and the gains you get now are not gains when they are taken away ten fold every time you fill your oil tank or gas tank. Investing is a choice and you have the ultimate power to make that choice. It’s your money!

Start knitting your sweaters now for your golden years. If our investments work out as best that we can hope then we just might be able to set the thermostat at sixty degrees. Thus proving that we are far better off than our grandparents. Choose your battle and defend America’s future with your investment dollars wisely.


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Blogger Dusty said...

When I lived in Mclean VA I used home heating oil. So I have been constantly thinking of this same exact situation you bring up here.

The congress critters will have to bail out those Americans or folks will turn to propane heaters, which if not vented properly will kill ya.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Before we lost our home we had a wood pellet stove that cost half the price of gas to heat the house. We loved it but the upfront cost was not an easy price tag to swallow.

Thanks for the comment Dusty!

6:30 PM  

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