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Monday, June 23, 2008

Energy Breakthroughs

Many people will look at this post and the attached video and call it voodoo science or just pure bunk. I’m beginning to think the time for the new Henry Ford’s, Thomas Edison‘s, and Albert Einstein’s has arrived and it is just in time. Thinking outside of conventional wisdom and even academic pretense is what it takes to be a true inventor and I’m finding that my research into new energy breakthroughs is simply amazing.

If the average homeowner wanted to take their home off of the electric grid the price can be a bit intimidating. Then there is the problem of location if the peak wind or sun just does not jive with the area you live in.

With the cost for a barrel of oil hovering at $140 per barrel today then I’m sure that backyard and garage inventors that are pissed off are very busy. Nothing spurs invention more than someone telling you that you will pay what they tell you the price is, you have no choice in the matter! New energy breakthroughs are coming fast and furious and many of them will in fact bust the oil market down to a whimpering whipped dog. No bull, no bear, just a whining, cowering oil market speculator dog.

John Christie and Lou Brits started this little project on their own some years back and it looks like they have a winner but as in all new inventions the road to marketing and production is not paved with gold. If you have any questions about the device, its availability you can check out the link at or check out the Lutec company website that has a ton of info on the machine.

Amazing… Freaking me out because this machine they invented could take every single home in America or the world off of the energy dependence grid with further research. What the reality of it will end up being is that it will be bought up by some oil rich nation or company and mandated to the scrap bin forever for a very fat check!

Supply and demand my foot! I’ll let President Bush put his own foot where the solar panels aren’t working.

My thoughts are that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet should be placing a call to these guys and offer the cash investment to get the scales of justice in the oil markets balanced once more. While Obama and McCain are whacking one another upside the head on who has a better energy plan to reign in the out of control oil markets there is a machine sitting in Australia that actually is the answer to all of the worlds energy independence.


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Blogger Jeff said...

Lots of overunity devices being talked about, and for quite a few years at that...

Steorn was the most recent company to get to the point of an actual demonstration of their particular version of a dream machine, but had problems at the last minute... That was last July...

Then, there's the car that runs on water...

I've been following every "amazing" development to come down the pipe in the last decade, and I can tell you this: the long run, they never come through. What they do succeed in doing is generating just enough credibility with press coverage to garner investments. But generating money out of nothing is, ...well, it's no "breakthrough" in technology, to say the least!

5:46 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm thinking about investing the $49 for the conversion kit for my truck but I'm nervous about it. In theory the HHO gas should work with an air mix of gas but I'm not big on the scientific or mechanicle principles of it.

Mind you that I would doing it just for research purposes. If it works I'll loan you the drawings to get R done...

7:00 PM  

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