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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Electoral Vote Strategy

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When it comes to Presidential politics at this point in the game then there is no better web site to grasp all fifty states political leaning be it Democrat or Republican than the one I am about to suggest. is a political junkies mega fix of political polls and I caution you, the maps can cause an accidental overdose. I’ll be posting a permanent link at the top of the sidebar for folks to click on daily. Does that make me a political junkies drug dealer?

As of today, with the latest of polls that are updated often for each of the states, Obama has a significant lead over McCain. And yet, Obama still needs a strategy to make sure he and his political party take the White House in November. My thoughts are that Obama needs to pull Florida or Texas away from McCain to lock up the race. Other battleground states such as Virginia, Pennsyvania, Ohio, Indiana, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada and North Carolina are all in play for Obama or McCain so I’m sorry to report to most folks in those states that the television commercials running up to November will all be political advertisements from both camp’s.

Given the size of support Hillary Clinton had in Texas I honestly believe that with a ton of hard work from both of the Clinton’s and from Obama then the state of Texas can be turned blue. Turn out’s for both Democrat candidates in the primaries was very high and my thoughts are that the polls are not getting the full pulse of the states political leaning.

As for Florida, the whole Kathryn Harris deal along with George Bush inept policies of the last seven and a half years has hurt Florida even though Jeb Bush was their Governor. My thoughts on Florida is that many of the states political leaning is from people that have moved from New England states and of course the Great Lakes and New York, New Jersey area. Left leaning by majority and as true Floridians like to call them, Snow Flakes. Getting out the “Snow Flake” vote will be crucial for the Obama campaign as well as standing strong on Social Security benefits for the many retirees in the state.

When it comes right down to it Obama and McCain will be fighting for the Independent votes in all fifty states and as time passes they will both move toward the middle. The winner of the states with a narrow polling margin will be the one candidate that can articulate their passion for America best and in my eyes they both have lots of work ahead of them.


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