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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

$12 Per Gallon Gas is Cool With Republicans

Not that you need to hear this but every single energy bill in recent years where Big Brother Oil was involved has taken a nose dive in the ring of our nations government. Things that make you go Hmmm?

Current legislation would have imposed heavy taxes on Big Brother Oil if they did not invest the mega profits into alternative energy sources. Oh, and it would have stripped out $17 Billion in tax credits for Big Brother Oil Incorporated in Washington D.C. Republicans in the Senate killed it. There was a small service, no flowers, no formal funeral. Just a bunch of folks from the Senate going “Oh Gee Willickers?”

Over at the New York Times they have this on the Republican Party in the US Senate telling the American People that $17 Billion in US Treasury funds are better spent by Big Brother Oil than you pesky gas guzzling near do wells…

2 Energy Bills, Including Windfall Tax, Stall in Senate

Published: June 11, 2008

WASHINGTON — A Democratic proposal to impose heavier taxes on big oil companies stalled in the Senate on Tuesday as Republicans and Democrats offered different ideas on how to deal with soaring energy costs.

A bill that would have rolled back some $17 billion in tax breaks on Big Oil and pressured the companies to invest in new energy sources by hitting them with a windfall-profits tax if they did not failed to get enough votes to move forward. Fifty-one senators voted to bring the measure up for consideration, but that was nine short of the number needed under Senate rules. Forty-three senators, most of them Republicans, voted “no.”
- New York Times

And people wonder why the Republican Party is looked at as the party of big business and screw the rest of ya?

Is it just me or do all Republicans feel that Exxon/Mobil needs a huge chunk of that $17 Billion in tax credits? Hell Exxon could almost pay for the whole program in one quarters profits! That is clear profit!

Oil profiteering is reaching the point of genocide of our nations commerce. In doing so they are killing the beast that feeds them and that in turn will lead to the days of Teddy Roosevelt where every Big Oil Brother will be and should be broken up into a family of thirty and forty Little Oil’s. History must repeat itself for the greater good of the nation and for that matter the world.

In some respects I understand Hugo Chavez for privatizing his nations oil markets. When one organization thinks it owns the nations government, has that nations commerce by the throat, then government must step in with a heavy hand. Just my opinion. No Commie innuendo’s applicable. It works for New Hampshire with the control of liquor?

Do we need more Republicans in office to protect and defend the rapist’s of our economy. Is rape good and defending the victims in this oil market gone mad bad?

At one point in the price per gallon of gasoline the Oil Market will kill all of our world economy and the ones profiting the most from it will walk away clean as a new born babe. That isn’t just an assumption it is a cold hard fact. Every single product you use as a human being is in some way or form connected to the price of oil. Millionaire Republican’s killed this bill simply because they do not face the reality of someone living in the lower classes. Paying double for heat, double for gas, double for food, double for everything you need to survive is not a priority when you have a million dollars. It’s irrelevant in their minds. Tell that to someone surviving on Social Security! Then it becomes extremely RELEVENT!

The only question to ponder is at what point does the world economy collapse based on the price of oil per barrel? Make no doubt about it, that point is coming very soon. You can almost mark it on your calendar as oil spikes nine and ten dollars a day based on nothing than speculation.

There is something not right with the pricing of oil and I’m just guessing that the multiple billions of profits from all of the oil companies per quarter across the world just might have something to do with it. Excessive oil prices is wiping out the bottom layer of our nations economy. Without the bottom income earners the middle will collapse, without the middle the top will cave. Domino effect and that we can thank the Republican party for. Just for giggles, President Bush was going to Veto this bill if it passed.

In that respect, the meek shall inherit the Earth. It all comes down to oil and economics. One can not live without the other and in that respect any economy can not be hijacked by the price of oil without serious government intervention.


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