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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Latest on DSS Hack Patrol

When you lose your 2600 square foot home and have to move into a three decker apartment at say 1300 square feet here in Worcester it is kind of hard to find space for all of your stuff. Especially, when some of that stuff is from your near breakup of your marriage where you then combined a bachelor pad into the existing home too!

DSS Social Worker Advice, store it somewhere! That would be all well and good but I lost my job and unemployment isn’t my old paycheck so to speak. She then suggested a yard sale for our “Clutter”. Would that clutter include my fathers burial flag from his service to America in WWII and Korea? His war medals including a Purple Heart stored in a box that we just don’t have any closet space left over for? Don’t quote me on that one but when Dad died I gave many of the things he cherished to my brothers in Florida but some of his house is here too.

I’ve contacted and ACLU lawyer and I will be following their advice. I didn’t know that I could refuse DSS entry into my home without a court order or warrant? DSS would have to prove neglect before a judge, a one sided argument I’m sure but nothing they have shown us to date is neglect so what do we have to loose? Granted, we have nothing to hide. There was no abuse of any of our children and there never will be. DSS has not proven any guilt and I’m not about to let them walk over me or my family. Then we have the news that we just might have a case against DSS for defamation! I need to contact another lawyer for that case and that is on my high priority list of things to do. First on our agenda though is to attend the burial of my children's Grampy from their mothers side of the family. The girls are kind of upset about that. DSS takes a back seat for the momment.

On the flip side of the coin, DSS has some pretty big mistakes to explain while they are terrorizing innocent parents. Check these pages for those results in the coming days.

My humble apologies to DSS workers that are not hacks but policing yourself is the first priority of any organization and being a public paid for department you face a greater need to weed out the people not living up to your profession. We sleep with a clear consience, I wonder how many people at DSS are looking for a kill count even if it isn't justified?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes me sick to think you're faced with this. You're one of the most loving fathers I know. The DSS should be investigated for child abuse, because this must surely be a terrible emotional upset for your whole family. It sounds like the DSS has way overstepped their bounds. I hope this horrible thing is over for you soon. Find strength in your family.

12:55 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thank you Chell! My little ones are my strength and we will be working through this hell on Earth trial of our spirit.

Thanks for the link too my friend! Ya ROCK!

5:33 PM  

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