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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dirty Tricks by DSS… NO KIDDING!!!

A very good online friend turned me on to this great site with some real insight on how DSS really works. The site that my friend Jeff from WormTown Taxi turned me onto is MassOutrage. This site is a godsend to a blogger going for the jugular of an agency that sucks the life out of good families simply because they can.

Here I was thinking that honesty is the best policy when you have nothing to hide. Was I stupid! Apparently, the best advice when dealing with DSS is to shut the hell up. Everything you say is going to be used against you to take your children from you simply because they can.

Frankly, if this is normal untold policy of DSS then we have the Gastapo of WWII Germany alive and well and flourishing in our state government. Replace Jews, Gypsies, and the mentally ill with innocent parents and you have the equivalent of the Holocaust here in Massachusetts and an agency out of control looking to separate children from their parents that have done nothing wrong.

Apparently, dirty tricks are alive and well at DSS and Mass Outrage has a list of misdirection that DSS will use…

Dirty Trick No. One -
The DSS will pretend to help you, when they are really gathering evidence to take your children. It's a new police state out there.

Dirty Trick No. Two -
The DSS will try to get you to talk. SHUT UP!! Everything you say will be used against you in a court of law to take and keep your children.

Dirty Trick No. Three -
DSS agents will abuse and traumatize your children themselves.

Dirty Trick No. Four -
The DSS will try to get one parent to say incriminating things about the other, especially about domestic abuse.

Dirty Trick No. Five -
The DSS will try to get your child to make ‘disclosures' about you, using manipulation, coercion, and fear.

Dirty Trick No. Six -
The DSS will try to make sure you get a lawyer who will work with them, not against them.

Dirty Trick No. Seven -
After DSS takes your children, the court must give you a hearing within 72 hours. They rarely do. At the hearing, DSS will rarely meet the legal standard for keeping custody of your children, but will do so anyway.

Dirty Trick No. Eight -
The DSS agent will try to get into your home to do an assessment, but will use the evidence gathered there against you to take your children.

Dirty Trick No. Nine -
The DSS has a network of "mandated reporters" everywhere your child is, to snitch on you. All helping professionals are required to report you to DSS if they suspect abuse; The people you think will help you will now betray you.

Dirty Trick No. Ten -
If DSS takes your children, they will keep them a year, and try to adopt them out - They earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year per child taken, and keep a lot of cronies in work.

Dirty Trick No. Eleven -
The DSS will try to get you to sign a "service plan" that will incriminate you, and help them get information to make their case against you.

Dirty Trick No. Twelve -
The DSS will withhold key records that you need to make your case, even though they are required by law to give them to you.

Dirty Trick No. Thirteen -
The DSS allows you to challenge their findings of abuse - But their own agents do the review, and call it a "Fair Hearing".

Dirty Trick No. Fourteen -
The DSS will rarely let you visit your children, and will not let you show affection when you do.

Dirty Trick No. Fifteen -
Although the law requires the DSS to place your children with relatives, if available, they will try to stop it.

Dirty Trick No. Sixteen -
The DSS will keep you from any legal challenge to their custody of your children for a year or more.

Dirty Trick No. Seventeen -
If the DSS can't get you for abuse or neglect, it will get you for not stopping abuse and neglect by your partner i.e., "Safety issues".

List courtesy of Mass Outrage

I'm outraged! Here I was thinking that I was working with professionals that care for kids as much as we care and understanding our lot in life. I don’t think so anymore. The ACLU mailed us a list of lawyers that will work pro-bono to help us. We plan to use it.
Note to Governor Patrick, if you care about child abuse then know all the facts about an agency under your watch that is out of control!

Feel free to borrow or link to this post!!! I would greatly appreciate it.

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Blogger The GTL™ said...

DAYUMN, dood -- these people are the gustapo!!! Number 10 says it all -- always follow the money trail! If it weren't for number 10, we wouldn't have numbers 1-15 for you to deal with.

Good on you for getting in touch with the ACLU. Hopefully, they'll take YOUR side versus the other side. I'd interview a BUNCH of those lawyers if I were you because you never know whose rights the ACLU is going to protect -- one of their serious flaws.

Stay on 'em like stink on doo-doo, my brother! Don't let 'em get away with it.

10:39 AM  

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