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Friday, May 30, 2008

Worcester Blogger Round About Rotary

Papamoka Straight Talk is not for the most part a local Worcester, Mass-A-Two-Sticks (A nickname given what you have left over after all the taxes) blog but I’m finding that there are some great local blog’s discussing real issues that actually are relevant to this site. When it comes right down to it I tried making a difference in my local area but the knock your head against the wall mentality in Worcester is probably the same as in any fairly large city in America. I gave up when the PIP Shelter was shutdown and moved two houses down from my family. We moved for reasons other than the obvious but that is another story for another day.

When you look at the terrorist level on this site indicated by the Bert and Ernie chicklet you could reference the Worm Town Taxi on the local terrorist story about the kid from Winchendon bringing in an empty Memorial Day gun cartridge from the military parade to school. The child was sentenced to the Gitmo of Winchendon and expelled. That’s the war on terror at the local level. How did AlQuida get to this kid? There was no mention of water boarding of the kid from Winchendon but Worm Town Taxi is still working on this story. I’m laying bets the kid was secretly deported to Sutton in some covert undercover CIA day care center where they don’t serve milk and cookies at snack time. I'm joking of course but this kid was just being a kid and showing off something he should have been proud of. I find myself reading Worm Town Taxi just because he offers a glimpse of Worcester you simply can not find anywhere else.

Thanks to Worm Town Taxi I found Pie and Coffee that does a great pod cast week after week. This week was a very interesting 508 broadcast with several Worcester bloggers and I loved it! The folks participating would be the congress and the problematic President would be the lack of the local media and city hall understanding what is really going on. Pick a subject locally and they nailed it with personal thoughts from real people without a political spin going.

Then I had to check out Daily Worcesteria after listening to Pie & Coffee that has a unique point of view that just sees the local paper as the fox in the hen house without a clue as to what the real folks see. If you read the local paper and the editorial page then you see the somewhat right leaning policy of the Worcester Telegram. What I find unique about DW is the community building influence and the honest approach to the issues that ARE Worcester. This site comes down to the people making a difference rather than the politically motivated people moving the city back decades. Loving it! Must read!

My neighbors on the old blog-o-sphere in my hometown have impressed me so much that I added a sidebar of links just for appreciation sake to their local sites. Granted, Jeff from Worm Town Taxi was already there along with I’m From Worcester but I’ll be adding more as the days pass. What I truly enjoy about local bloggers is the passion and conviction of what they are doing. It isn’t about them as an individual as much as it is about informing the community. I’m pretty sure not one of them is making a living at blogging so it comes down to local pride and in that sense they are true leaders. Patriots of days gone by taking the lead and pointing the direction to where we the people should be and how we can get there. Refreshing thoughts in my opinion.

Action and change only happens when people speak up and these folks along with multitudes of other local blogger’s are speaking up loud and clear. Which begs the question of what you the local resident or reader is willing to do to make things change for the better? If you leave it up to someone else to make it happen then don’t complain when the same mess happens over and over again. What will you do to make your voice heard if those in service to you do not listen?

Public service and running for office is not a cave in if you do it to make life better for the people you care about. If you serve to not better your own lot in life but for the people that need you most, it then is in fact true public service much like the Kennedy family has done for decades. I'm convinced that the politicians serving my community are only there because nobody thinks there is anyone better to do the job. Their voices are the only ones you here because they are the only ones talking! Name recognition on the ballot has surpassed the quality of the candidates on the ballot at the local level. Tell me I'm wrong!

Hell, maybe I should run for Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat just for giggles and see what happens. No offense to Senator Kennedy or his family, I love all that he has done for this state and the American people. I'm just one voice with a political blog focused on national issues with a true sense of Worcester. It would be a true shame to see a political hack fill his seat and waste the chair because they owed favors unspoken in political circles. I would also hate to see another politically incapacitated politician run for it with a personal grudge to pay. How is it that you start that process? I’ll have to look into that. Just a thought. Worcester and this states deserves a true servant of the people and Teddy Kennedy raised the bar pretty high.
The time to dream for the possibilities of America is upon us, now more than ever is your chance to reach for hope and make change possible. It all starts with one voice and nobody can say that it isn't your voice that could make it all possible. Hope is alive in America and it starts with you! What are you willing to do for America and your community?

Anywho, check out all the local blog’s and thanks for doing so. That is the true meat of this post...

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