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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bush and Responsibility to Graduates???

When it comes to facing the responsibility for your actions in this world George W. Bush is not someone to speak freely on the subject. Especially, when discussing that personal trait to graduates of a proud higher education facility. In his last commencement address he fluffed his lame duck Presidency to dictate responsibility to the graduating class but not since the days of the Teflon Presidency of Reagan has there ever been an occupant of the White House that has never accepted blame for any situation that has gone wrong during their administration.

His war on Terror, blame Colin Powell for selling it too well and accept his resignation as Secretary of State. Outing a CIA agent, blame Scooter Libby and let him face the prosecutors. Problems at the Justice Department, accept a resignation. The list of “No touch the President or Vice President” list goes on and on. Getting to my point is that President Bush is a shame to the office of President and his last days should be highly reveling on how far he will push the shame bar. Common practice in outgoing Presidential politics is to flood the courts with Presidential pardons. Bush and company should raise that bar to a new level of unbelief!

Over at the Washington Post they have this on President Bush speaking about facing responsibility for your actions… LOL!!!

By Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 1, 2008; Page A03

In a lighthearted speech peppered with personal details, Bush also urged graduates to embrace "a culture of responsibility" and referred to his drinking problems as a younger man. The topic has become something of a touchstone for Bush during his last year in office.

"There was a time in my life when alcohol competed for my affections, but I found salvation in my family and in my faith," Bush told the crowd at Furman's outdoor stadium, including more than 600 graduating seniors.

"There is no shame in recognizing your failings or getting help if you need it," he added. "The tragedy comes when we fail to take responsibility for our weaknesses and surrender to them."

Although he received a warm welcome, Bush's visit was preceded by controversy as more than 200 faculty and students signed a letter objecting to his policies on the Iraq war, detentions and other issues. A conservative group responded with its own, larger list of signatories, and said the protesters were being disrespectful of the presidency and of graduating seniors.
- Washington Post

Twenty or thirty years from now the graduates of Furman University in South Carolina will finally see if George Bush was a total hypocrite or a Godsend to America in this point in time of our nations history. My personal thoughts are that they will be shocked to see all of the personal liberties and rights that this President stripped from his people for the sake of progressing a war that had no basis to begin with. Destroying the foundation that was American law by personal interpretations for each bill he signed into law to isolate the office of President from each new law enacted. Bush’s legal office called them signing statements, most people call them law busters and against the Constitution. Thus making each law he passed not able to pass the Supreme Court litmus test.

Scott McClellan and his book will only be the finger in the damn revelation of all the damage this President has done to the Constitution. The flood gates on the rest of the devastation will come slowly as the dam begins to weaken with the exodus of Presidential appointments by Bush. One of the untold secrets of being in public service is that there are no secrets if a book deal will garner huge personal gains for confirmation of dirty deeds done dirt cheap by the biggest of bosses.

McClellan’s book is only the tip of the iceberg and the Bush ship is about to go down in history as the Titanic of the White House that went full steam ahead to the bottom of the pile of Presidential historical facts. Warren Harding, move up one space to make room for W!

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