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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mass DSS Has Some Hacks!

*****This post was originally posted on 5/25/2008 and taken down by myself in order to give the parties involved time to contact our family. The only contact we have had has been a DSS worker looking for any excuse for turning up the heat on the open case she has against our family. Thank you Governor Patrick for contributing nothing. You just lost my political vote and backing.

In the past I used to respect Social Workers for the hard job that they have to do. Who wants to be the person that has to take a child away from an abusive parent? You couldn’t pay me enough to do that kind of job but people do it and most of them do it well. “Most of them” is the key words in that last sentence. What is truly scary about the job they have to do is that sometimes the investigators miss the obvious signs of child abuse and that is when you read about the screw ups in the newspapers or in blogs like this one read by thousands per month.

I happen to be one of those people that loves his children so much that if it were my life or theirs I would give mine up for them in one single heartbeat. No questions, my babies no matter what age, my life for theirs is not a question in my mind.

DSS is not perfect and while they are witch hunting good parents they tend to really screw up when it comes to animals that claim to be parents. Time and again the failures are evident that the system that DSS social workers go by is broken or the criteria of a perfect world is looked at differently from one case worker to the next. Meanwhile kids get abused while on their watch and The Enterprise has this on the latest Mass DSS screw up…

No more apologies for failures of DSS

The Enterprise
Posted Mar 21, 2008 @ 11:11 PM

BROCKTON — It is no longer open to debate: the state Department of Social Services is a dysfunctional agency whose collective actions and systemic negligence are intolerable and border on criminal.

The case involving the 7-year-old Middleboro boy who was beaten and burned by someone is just the latest fiasco that has DSS officials admitting they made errors.


But DSS had visited the family following allegations of abuse and never found a problem despite Rebecca’s father awaiting trial at the time for rape of a minor.
Yeah, we missed the boat on that one, DSS said after Rebecca’s death.

Haleigh Poutre, Aidyn Hudson, Dontel Jeffers, the Warren, Mass., home where 10 children were beaten and sexually abused for a decade; the list isn’t endless but it is maddening and, when one thinks about the pain and suffering inflicted on helpless children, heart-wrenching.

DSS’ actions in the Riley and Poutre cases triggered a legislative investigation and recommendations. Among those was the recently passed bill that allows DSS to collect and maintain information on unsubstantiated reports of child abuse and neglect to assist in future risk and safety assessments of children and families.

But admitting problems after the fact is no longer good enough. Children are dying and being maimed for life because of – take your pick – budgetary underfunding, politicized administration, inept training and overwhelmed case workers.
- Enterprise News

No matter how you look at it as a parent that loves your children you too can be accused of child abuse anonymously. I for one would hope and pray that they would investigate any neglect even if the accuser is unknown. Every child is important and needs to be protected. BUT!!! Big old BUTT, fat and flabby butt! What if the parents are innocent?

Take the for instance this scenario where your child just left a locked mental health state institution after ten months where she was diagnosed with all kinds of interesting mental health issues. Hearing voices, cutting herself, multiple personalities, and tried swallowing a couple of batteries during her stay to try and kill herself. Medication had her stabilized enough to come home and go back to public schools. The underlying issues of her illness are still there and she accuses both parents of neglect at school.

One year later, DSS is still involved in our lives and looking for excuses to punish us because there are four sisters below her. There is no legal proof of abuse but DSS comes every single month and looks at us as guilty first and we need to prove our innocence over a year later still. Kind of reminds me of France in the 1800’s where you are jailed for stealing a loaf of bread till you pay for the stolen loaf of bread.

There is no abuse of children in this home and there never will be. I recently was laid off from my job and the DSS worker accused me over the phone of neglect and abuse because I could not pay the $1200 per month for medical insurance from my former employer. Note for the record, my oldest that was discharged from DMH has her own insurance from Mass Health. To which I called her on the carpet and told her to file her 51A on Mass Health for holding up our family insurance two months after my layoff. Hack! None of our other four daughters are on any medical prescriptions needed for any medical condition. Hack!

Our DSS worker is looking for any excuses to attack my family and I happen to have a rather large blog in Worcester. I have my voice locally and I have my voice nationally on many other blogs of note. If they want to come after my family, I will defend my honor and my family name. I can come up with more buffoonery at DSS than they think ever possible. This is war!

You do not threaten a good mother and a good father with neglect and abuse and not expect repercussions when they are innocent. Live by the sword and all that stuff. I’ll forsake the sword for the keyboard and bury them with bad publicity that will be picked up nationally by many main stream well read publications. I’m looking forward to the challenge. DSS is a public servant and they tend to mess up pretty much every day. That doesn’t look well in the public eye. I’m done being the nice guy and working with these public servant hacks showing up in my home with a noose and not one solid form of evidence to show neglect. I’m up for the fight.

Anyone with a story relevant to Hacks at DSS please feel free to comment. I’d love to talk with you and post your DSS horror story.


Copied and emailed to Governor Patrick

****Note! This was emailed to the Governors office on 5/25 and my family has not been contacted by his office. However??? State agencies are checking this website. I'm checking out ACLU websites.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dss needs to be held to a higher standard if they feel thier choices of families chosen by the state is far better then the loving homes they are taking them from. Many states have taken some good steps , but yet again Mass lags behind ... Tell congress to remove federal incentives to remove children thier homes and fund prevention .. Make everyone accoutable ! we need action in Mass and we need it now our children's lives depend on it

3:55 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

My opinion on the matter is that the entire agency needs to be looked at. DSS has built up such a strong position in the state that many of the state lawmakers refuse to even discuss the issue with you when you raise concerns.

I am in aggreement with you that they need to be held to a higher standard. It's a tough job and as I said in the post, I would never want to be a DSS worker. I did another post on DSS tricks and lies and you are absolutely right that they need to be looked at by the State Auditors office. If DSS is benefiting from seperating children from families then please contact Joe Dennuci and make your complaint known to his office.

One of the things that gets state agencies moving is complaints from many people on the same topic. Feel free to start a grass roots campaign and use your first amendment right! That is how change in government happens. Keep me posted on your results!

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DSS is the only US organization I know that can accuse someone and give them no due process. It's a ridiculous organization that feeds on its own self-righteousness.

Once upon a time the DSS substantiated a report of neglect for argument my wife and I had when the children were not even in the house. They then sent a social worker to do an assessment to see if they could provide services (the assessment is really a 45 day investigation). After the assessment they called a week later and said they closed the case and goodbye. That was the last we heard from them. Of course, the amount of damage they caused us financially, with our neighbors etc. has been insurmountable.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm thinking that Homeland Security and the folks down in Guantanomo Bay take notes from DSS.

Co-operating with DSS during an investigation is a double edged sword. Had I known now when we first went through it I would have hired a lawyer. DSS is not trampling our rights as much as asking us to freely allow them to do so. A good lawyer could and would keep both sides of the issue honest and within the terms of the law.

My advice to anyone with an encounter with any states form of social services is to call a lawyer, the sooner the better.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DSS is a joke. I find sone of your stories interesting given the fact that my ex has been reported for abuse and/or neglect 5 times in a two year period, by her own parents and siblings, and still has custody of my kids because she is the mother and thats what they think is best because i am a man. It is a joke and god forbid something happens to my kids because i would nothing left to live for and take all my frustrations out on a dss office, maybe when someone abuses a few social workers for a few years, you know tie em up starve them, urinate on them after you burn them with cigarettes, maybe they will get an f-ing clue

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have been wrongally done by the department and Thursday they came at 10 at night and removed our boys the 5 police officers were rude disrespectfull and told my fiancee to shut his mouth when he was telling the boys he loved them. I traveled all of south shore courts police etc to get them back.I finally got to the judge and htey are here but my boys were sent back to me in poopy pants my 8 year old gave his brother who is 6 his medications and he was overmedicated and they still put the threats out to me. Stand your ground fight for your children. I am in the process of sueing their butts and the police also.These people can not be alloud to steal your children and if you and I and all the others stand together we will win. email me

7:19 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

ledouxshome aka Anonymous,

My first advice to you is be honest with the social workers assigned to your situation. I don't know the facts of your case but I do know that honesty is the best way to go. In my families case we had nothing to hide and DSS had nothing to prove. I'll email you and if I can offer advice I will.

Thank you for posting your comment.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew I wasn't alone. I have been fighting DSS for my children for 2 1/2 years. I did everything I was told, and no matter what, it wasn't good enough. I feel like I was pushed along, like my children or I didn't matter. No one can understand why my children haven't been returned. I wish DSS had to answer to someone, and could not get away with what they do. They have an Extreme amount of power. I truley believe it is all money motivated at so many levels. Everyone involved is getting paid, at the innocent children's expense... But does anyone really care?

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI, can not believe I am sitting here writing this but thanks to DSS and one of my sons who myself and husband love dearly I now have the start of my own horrific story. My youngest is 8 and went to school and sat in his friendship group and at some point said "my Mom hit me over the back of the head and she almost knock me uncouncouis." This of course was reported to the school counselor who is also the VP of the school who called DSS as fast as he could move his little fingers. To back up a second the school dislikes us and we dislike them because we are continualy begging them to comply with my sons IEP and educate him properly. It has been an ongoing fued for one and half years. This is also a school district that has known me for 14 years due to the fact that I have a 19 year old son that is happy, healthly with never any involvement with any agency ever. Any way my chmaring 8 year says something so absurd he is our little drama king and instead of the school calling me and saying whats up your son just said the must outrages thing just need to confirm clearly hes fine--Guess who knocks on my door: DSS!! I love my children my little on is a story teller I have never harmed my childern never will I myself guess what I"m a social worker and my husband is a paramedic!!!! Yes you read that correctly-- We our selves are mandated reporters by law--we help people not hurt them. So stupid us believed whole heartedly that if we simply followed protocol met with the DSS social worker ( who was far to young & clearly childless)the case would be closed within the mandated 10 days and all would be well. Wrong! the paramedic and the social worker (myself) are now involved in an open case, have called our attorney and are clearly in for the fight of of lives. I am ashamed of DSS, my husband and myself have no record of any kind, our children have no record of previous or current abuse or neglect. we have been parenting for 19 close to 20 years and suddenly DSS takes one statement my 8 year old said which he later stated he was only kidding, never meant it, felt bad for saying it etc.. I will probably lose my career over this and not be able to pursue any further education to advance that career. My husband will never be able to change jobs because they check for this stuff and don't let any social worker tell you otherwise I know. If you work in the health field and have or had a case with any agency you're DONE!! We are going to fight this every step of the way, my gut feels like it has been hit with mack truck. I will never again look at a client and say I'm just doing my job-I work with adults that are incarcerated not children and their family's. I thank you for letting me share and I think I needed to let all of you on this blog know DSS goes after everyone and anyone even other social workers and people in fields related to the helping profession- why becasue they can.... I not upset with my son never will be, I'm disgusted with a broken system that I know for fact leaves children with their prostitute mothers who smoke crack. But yet are determine as hell to asses my family and give us a service plan I could write and implement myself considering that I know how too--isn't that a joke....
GOd help us all

11:30 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Best wishes to you Anon and by all means listen to your lawyer. Don't be afraid to contact your DSS workers supervisor and office manager too. Its a tough process when they put you through this crap and by all means contact your state rep and complain.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from 1968 to 1977 myself and many other foster children were in a foster home that was to be awarded foster home of the year award for 1977. in fear for my life at age 11 i spoke up and told my social worker of the abuse in this foster home - i wont get into it but the only thing comparable is pow's stories of the hanoi hilton. this foster home was shut down in 1 day. all foster children were removed, the state then covered up the story. 30 years later it sounds as if things have gotten no better. as a former foster child if i still lived in ma. i would go down shooting before i ever let my children into this hell holes.

7:52 PM  
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