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Monday, December 03, 2007

Romney Pulling a Kennedy on Religion

Mitt Romney is going to give a speech at former President George H. W. Bush Library in Texas to defend, define, explain or totally confuse the Christian right wing of his Republican Party.

In the words of former Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas Governor Romney…”You Sir are no Jack Kennedy”.

Let me first say that if someone in America thinks your personal religious practice and belief is a reason not to vote for you then you don’t want their vote. Religious faith is what most American’s have on Sunday when they put on the very best clothes that they have and attend whatever service they practice. You smile nice to the widows and widowers and of course pat the young children on the head that look so angelic in their Sunday best. All is well in the world and God is pleased.

Come Monday morning they revert back to being the jerk boss that eyes the nineteen year old receptionist with thoughts of lust, or the cranky garage mechanic owner that will overcharge you for labor and parts that never existed. God forbid they recognize one another in the liquor store or choose not to look one another in the eye. Come Monday the services are ended and it all becomes business as usual where everyone is trying to screw everyone else.

Mitt Romney explaining his religious belief as a Mormon is a bad decision and this one will cost him New Hampshire and Iowa. Why that is what will happen is simple, none of the other candidates are explaining their religion. They do not have to and neither should Mitt. The guy was elected in the bluest of the blue states of Massachusetts as Governor because he simply had the right message at the right time. Put another way, if there were a war in Massachusetts with Republican’s fighting Democrat’s, there would be three hundred Democrat troops and one Republican. Overwhelming odd’s and yet Mitt was elected Governor. Religion had no realistic play in the voters minds. Mike Huckabee is posting advertisements with bold print “Christian Leader”? He obviously is not running from his faith!

President Kennedy needed to defend and explain his religious stance if elected because of the direct link to a religious leader in the Vatican called the Pope. In the Catholic faith you can be excommunicated for failing to follow the Pope’s decree. American voters at that time were concerned about a President possibly bound by an outside influence from a foreign land and rightfully so. That was a risk for him personally and it was something that Kennedy was willing to face to serve our people if that was what the Pope ordered on any decision he made as President of our nation. Kennedy put his faith to the side but did not give it up entirely as he simply understood the Presidency of the United States of America was not about him or his faith as an individual but it was entirely about the greater good of the nation.

That is a huge difference when compared to what Mitt Romney is going to offer and he isn’t giving this speech to defend his personal faith. He’s doing it for votes from a base that he really does not want. That is the reality of what his speech will be about and the Christian Conservative Right will see right through it.

President Kennedy was almost fifty years ago in expressing his religious belief and the concerns of the separation of church and state issue. We as a people have a much larger tolerance for religion, race and sex of our political candidates these days and Mitt Romney just does not get that. Maybe all the trips out of the state he was supposed to be Governing didn’t have a chance to let reality reach him.

Here in New England some folks call us prudes when it comes to our religion or belief in God. Screw them! If someone questioned your faith no matter where you live, how many seconds would be on that time watch before you slugged the SOB? Big Mistake Mitt… HUGE!

American’s do not elect people based on where you go to church, we elect people to the highest office on what your ideas are to make our nation better.

I’m jumping in the shower. I just realized I’m offering advice to a Republican candidate for President. I feel dirty for some odd reason.


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Anonymous Frodo said...

Greetings from first-time reader monikered as Frodo, Keeper of the Ring, entering from the link by BJ, who sees her dreams. Frodo envisions Mr. Romney as a guest host of Saturday Night Live. Mitt appears in white shoes, slacks, and pull-over sweater. There is a large letter B in red on the sweater. There he stands, hands-on-hips, and his hands and arms move as he chants "Lean to the left, lean to the right, stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight."

He had to have been a cheerleader in college.

That would explain everything.

8:15 AM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Well! Decided to try to leave a quick comment and was pleasantly surprised to find that good hobbit Frodo here! (A link to his witty persona is on my DemWit blog.) My comment: I will look for your thoughts, if any, on Romney's speech today (12/6). I am perplexed by his "religion needs freedom; freedom needs religion" remark. I am Christian and used to be Southern Baptist until the SBC left me. It would be easier for me to climb Mount Everest than to explain separation of church and state to some of my friends and relatives - the same folks who holler loudest about Muslim "theocracies." By the way, where has that principle gone? Later! BJ

6:15 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I posted my thoughts on Romney before he made the speech BJ. Granted he got a ton of media but I frankly think he caved.

I'm fighting for the Democrats and Joe Biden most of all. He seems to be the only one that is realistic in my opinion and the only one with the guts to call it like it is. Reality sucks but we need to face it one way or the other my friend. By the way I did a post on your amazing site today. You my friend rock!

Blog on...

Welcome to Papamoka Frodo!

10:19 PM  

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