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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Imus on the Air December 3rd

ABC Radio has Don Imus back on the morning drive radio broadcast starting at 6:00 AM on Monday December 3rd. In the Boston area you can catch the I-Man on 96.9 FM WTKK talk radio.

If you want to listen to Imus in the Morning at your desk you can catch it here at Imus On Air. If that link is slow then try WTKK in Boston 96.9 Fm "On the Air" from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM Boston time.

Over at ABC Radio they have this to say about the new launch of Don Imus…


Citadel Broadcasting Corporation and 77WABC announced the hiring of Don Imus as the station’s new morning host beginning Monday, December 3rd. Imus is bringing his team back to the radio on 77WABC including newsman Charles McCord. The show will air 6-10am on 77WABC and will be syndicated nationally by the ABC Radio Network.

“We are ecstatic to bring Don Imus back to morning radio,” said 77WABC President & General Manager Steve Borneman. “Don’s unique brand of humor, knowledge of the issues and ability to attract big-name guests is unparalleled. He is rested, fired up and ready to do great radio on the nation's most listened to News/Talk radio station, 77WABC.”
- ABC Radio Network

I’m working on getting a full listing of radio stations across America that will be airing Imus in the Morning. My personal thanks to ABC Radio for bringing the I-Man back to the airwaves. Check back for a full list of radio stations near you featuring Imus in the Morning...

Simulcast on RFD TV

Update 12/04/2007: Still no word from ABC Radio on Imus syndicated stations


Feel free to link to this post and spread the word where Imus can be heard.

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Blogger B.J. said...


Enjoyed your latest post. I would probably comment more often, but I am legally blind and find it next to impossible to get past the pesky “word verification code.” I took it off my blogspot blog to make it easier for readers, and I haven’t had any problem with spamming.

Now, to get to the point of my comment: are you using the Imus “Listen Live” link to listen to his radio broadcast? I am a big Imus fan (years on MSNBC) and this is my only access to the new show. Just wondering about the constant interruption of the program with interminable publc service ads. They come on right in the middle of a sentence or interview and last about 10 minuts. It’s almost like five minutes of Imus and 10 minutes of Ad Council ads.

Just curious if you are having the same problem on the “Listen Live” link? I’m very disappointed!

BJ at

8:43 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


Try the link on WTKK 96.9 FM radio. I posted it as a second choice for listeners in the post. The show is available from 6 to 9AM Monday through Friday.

I tried the ABC Radio link and it took over five minutes to load so I use the other link.

On the word verification issue, I was getting a ton of spam so I had to put it up. Sorry about that. I do get a lot of offers about great business deals in Africa in the sites email too...LOL!

I'm off to check out your site...

Oh, and thanks for reading Papamoka Straight Talk... Come back often.

5:05 PM  

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