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Monday, December 03, 2007

Clarification Of The Damage Done To The Republic


In a recent post, CANDIDATE FATIGUE, I wrote something that a reader at THE GUN TOTING LIBERAL asked me to clarify:
“This may be an old refrain, but it does not serve the republic well when the greater good of the nation is forsaken in order to provide relief for numerous complaints. Said complaints having been institutionalized through organizations whose focus is extremely narrow. And in many cases damaging to the republic, and what is stands for. Or used to, anyway.”

In answering the reader's question about clarification I will refer you to a piece by Gaius at BLUE CRAB BOULEVARD. Entitled "Common Sense On Common Language," one can get a close look of what I was referring to:
John Fund comments again today on the deal Nancy Pelosi made with the Hispanic Caucus to kill a bipartisan amendment to a funding bill that provides money to FBI, NASA and Justice Department. That amendment would have indemnified the Salvation Army and other employers from efforts by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to penalize them for enforcing English language requirements in the workplace (original post here.). The Hispanic Caucus had refused to vote for a patch to the Alternative Minimum Tax bill if Pelosi didn't kill the amendment. Fund points out the destructiveness of the position taken by the Hispanic Caucus - to Hispanics and other immigrants.


Sen. Lamar Alexander (R., Tenn.), who authored the now-stalled amendment to prohibit the funding of EEOC lawsuits against English-only rules, is astonished at the opposition he's generated. Rep. Joe Baca (D., Calif.), chair of the Hispanic Caucus, boasted that "there ain't going to be a bill" including the Alexander language because Speaker Pelosi had promised him the conference committee handling the Justice Department's budget would never meet. So Sen. Alexander proposed a compromise, only requiring that Congress be given 30 days notice before the filing of any EEOC lawsuit. "I was turned down flat," he told me. "We are now celebrating diversity at the expense of unity. One way to create that unity is to value, not devalue, our common language, English."

Gaius' post is listed under "Immigration Reform," which on the face of it is accurate enough. However, this goes beyond the issue of immigration. It is a good example of how the special interests of a particular group can quite effectively weaken the glue that holds the republic together.

What Nancy Pelosi (that great defender of American Somoa tuna cannery workers) and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus did was to further ensure that the great melting pot of the past is now a great big salad bar. Or more precisely, a neo-Tower of Babel.

Millions of Americans, facing the ever-growing net of the Alternative Minimum Tax, were held hostage by the Hispanic Caucus. Not that funding for the FBI, NASA, or the Justice Department mean much to us, either.

No, what was more important was the temporary placating of a group of legislators bent on what they perceive as a greater loyalty: their ethnic group's right to refuse to assimilate. That goes WAY beyond mere "immigration." It involves the future of the nation and how it will be in a generation or two.

That's one thing I failed to point out in my original post. Candidate and officeholders today give no true thought to the future; only the here and now. Our "representatives" take what gifts our ancestors passed to us as a birthright (which it is NOT) and could care less about those who follow us.

We are swiftly becoming a nation of men and women, not laws. On that premise alone we are dismantling that nation. I won't hear of a "better nation because of it" since there won't BE a nation to debate about.

Anticipating the presidential election of 1864, Abraham Lincoln observed that should his opponent win, he would do his best to preserve the republic between the election and inauguration day, as his opponent could only win by ending it.

The forces of destruction are not always in the physical. Tried and true bad thinking, no matter the perceived good intent, have done as much damage to governments as any invading army.

Is it any longer possible to expect people living in this nation to forsake their ethnicity long enough to be Americans?

Is it asking too much?
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