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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Marijuana, Cannabis, Bootleg Drugs

Legitimizing any mind altering drug is nearly impossible unless you are a pharmaceutical company or distributor for any alcohol product readily available down at your local liquor store.

Personally, I can’t stand the smell of Pot burning in any form. It gives me a headache and thus I’m not a user. No pills, no crack pipes or whatever else it takes to get a break from reality in this house other than a six pack of Budweiser for yours truly. I like them cold and I like them fresh with a recent born on date. Some folks can not stand the smell of beer or any form of alcohol that causes that little reflex in the back of their throat that lets them taste lunch all over again. I’m not one of them.

I have recently found the pleasure of reading a local blog in Worcester Mass a two sticks called the Worm Town Taxi and the site and writer has a unique perspective. This is what he has to say on the endless money pit or battle on drug trafficking from a local perspective…

Saturday, December 1, 2007

California's Biggest Cash Crop

If they made grapes illegal, then grapes would be California's biggest cash crop.

And if there were a set of regulations to legitimize the production and sale of this naturally occuring weed, then we wouldn't have this problem. But we do have small problems like that, in addition to much larger problems involving overcrowded jails, increased crime, and large scale embedded infrastructure that costs upwards of $50 billion a year in tax dollars.

The War On Drugs has never impeded any flow or usage in this country, something that rarely finds its way into the news.

If drugs were legalized and regulated, I still wouldn't use them. I don't even take aspirin. But the fact that California's annual $14 billion cash crop of illegal marijuana surpasses every other crop legitimately grown in that state really ought to tell you something very important and very basic... there are enough people making so much money on illegal drugs in this country that it would be a real blow to all of them if these commodities were suddenly legalized and regulated.
- Worm Town Taxi

Jeff has the right thought when it comes to taking the drug trade in Marijuana out of the closet and making it a market driven product with all the same tax dollars that cigarettes have tacked on to them. Maybe it is time that we stop looking over our shoulders when a friend or yourself is smoking a joint or taking a hit on a bong. With our jails being overcrowded in every state for possession or intent to distribute is a joke. I think those cells could be used for far more dangerous criminals like pedophiles, rapist, killers, and cop killers.

Reality and legality is a funny thing in America. Many amongst us are taking a hit but none of us will ever admit it because the law of the land says that you should not do so. “But I did not inhale” is a classic quote of someone that tried it but didn’t like it. This non crisis issue is concerning pot is so large that our government spends billions of dollars a year to stem the flow of illegal drugs like marijuana coming to our shores. Umm, somebody let them know that it is a naturally growing product in all fifty states. Even George Washington grew hemp and for all the crap he had to go through I’m betting that he was stoned half of the time as a General and our first President. I don’t think I need to mention that he had his own distillery running at Mount Vernon but he did. That fact is not common known but it is a fact. You just have to love a party animal like George Washington.

This is not the days of prohibition but then again it is. Drug testing for a job is now common place but it is okay to have every prescription mind altering drug in your blood but if cannabis or hemp as they called it in the 1700’s shows up in the results you do not get the job. Jack Daniel’s is good, pot is bad?

One thing you will not find is any seriously taken political candidate talking about this issues simply because the people that use pot do not vote for the most part. Or do they?

Ergo, the issue is for the most part politically dead.

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