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Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Democrat Talking Reality

I’m not going to mince words or deny that I like Joe Biden for President. Hell the Republican YouTube debate over on CNN convinced me that I’m no longer a Reagan Democrat. One of the biggest issues in America is immigration and the part of it that touches on the illegal immigration issue. Second issue on all of our minds is ending the war in Iraq and whatever that original nation that President Bush sent our troops to that begins with an A and they name dogs after it. It’s on the tip of my tongue but my tongue can’t spell for damn. Afghanistan!

Any who, the Biden campaign sent me this interesting video on Iraq, Pakistan, Immigration, Illegal Immigrants having licenses to drive and one candidate that is not about one single sound bite. Sound bites are nice but we need details and somebody that can walk into the oval office and start working on day one!

When you have a limited amount of cards dealt to you in your poker hand, I would rather go with a hand that is loaded with face cards than a bunch of folks bluffing with a pair of deuces. Joe Biden isn’t playing poker but he is playing to reality and we need a President that is a realist over someone willing to tell you they have the better hand because the bank roll tells you so in overwhelming television advertisements.


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Anonymous Tom said...

I guess I'll have to give Biden a second look, especially now that I'm less enthralled with Hillary.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Tote board is heavy! We just may have a convert in Tom!!!!!!! How soon can you move to Iowa or Newhampshire Tom...ROFLMAO.

5:15 PM  

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