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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Republican YouTube Debate on CNN

Thinking men and woman want straight answers to legitimate questions. Something we did not see from the many Republicans on the CNN YouTube debates. One thing that I personally found in the gang of dark warriors for no change in the status quo was a stutter. Every questions answer started with a stumbling, there was not one candidate that could just answer the questions without bobbing and weaving and the art of not answering the questions was something that political students should be forced to watch in our nations colleges. Romney and Giuliani perfected it on one question after another by diverting to something totally out of context from the question.

While the Mitt and Rudi cat fight was going on I noticed a certain twinkle of appreciation in their eyes for one another. I’m taking a big risk bet here but I’m putting the money where my keyboard is and no matter which one of these two wins the Republican nomination, they will pick the other for the second highest office in the land. I’m going to Google search the Vegas odd’s on that one before I go any further but in my gut it looks like they have something going on… politically of course.

Personally, the nightmare question of the night to the Republican candidates was posed by the gay retired Army General. He simply tried to point out that many of our military members are discharged from service for being gay or lesbian and thought that was wrong. Not one of the candidates had a clear and to the point answer if the military will ever accept gays or lesbians. For the most part they ran from the question and ducked into the religious pews of the conservative bible belt. Apparently, all of our military personnel come from the bible belt, news to me seeing that we buried Captain Jennifer Harris in Swampscott Massachusetts and many more New England troops since the start of this war. I’ll need some help from my friends in the military on what “Unit Cohesion” is but I’m guessing that most military members don’t give a crap what you do on your time off as long as you do your job when the time comes to do your military job. If it works in the private sector, why can it not work in the military?

It does matter if the question was planted as charged during the debate and post debate commentary. My question is if Karl Rove is really retired from politics during this election. If you watched the debate and CNN afterward it was instantly attributed to Senator Clinton’s campaign without proof. Throw the mud, it sticks in some corners simply because the accusation was on CNN. Even if it was planted, as much as it is wrong to do so, that man and that retired General is still a citizen and he has the right to ask the question of the candidates as much as anyone else in America.

Still the question proposed simply smells of Karl Rove and I wonder who’s paying his salary today? Each one of the Republican candidates were swallowing a little bile and hoping it was not their turn to answer next. Somebody Google search it and let me know where Karl Rove is working will ya? I’m laying bets that he is working for some political organization and on loan to candidate question mark.

Ron Paul actually impressed me but not enough to change my vote from my personal political party. He seemed to nervous and stumbled on his replies far to often. I do have to say that he is the far left of the Republican party and not ashamed of where he stands on ending the war in Iraq. Even John McCain could not sway him off his stance and those two had some words that was clearly uncomfortable for Ron Paul. McCain played the mad grandfather for most of the night and pretty much took the whipping stick to Mitt and Ron on several occasions. You could see the anger in his face regarding torture of prisoners of war and rightfully so. That anger is what troubles me if he were in fact in the seat behind the desk in the oval office. Mitt fumbled and stuttered through the question on what is torture and even more so on McCain‘s defense of the Geneva Convention.

Best comment of the night came from Mike Huckabee… “Jesus would never run for President” No kidding! I’m not thinking that he would be a Republican or a Democrat but he might be tipping over the tables of the finance committees of most of the candidates running for office. If money is buying the next Presidential election then Jesus and I are tipping the tables together.

Screw the money and follow the character of the individual. Pride and honesty are in the details but humility is in the soul.


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Blogger Just Wondering said...

That Jesus comment from Huckabee really ticked me off. Talk about avoiding the question! A man who calls himself a Christian (and is ordained) is the stinkiest kind of chicken s**t if he won't come out and say that, of course, Jesus would be against the death penalty (and he ought to be able to cite John 8 in support of his answer). Jesus was on the receiving end of the death penalty, Mike! DUH! Do you think his death wasn't also meant to teach us something about capital punishment? Oh, but that would be way too honest, wouldn't it preacher man, to say what Jesus would do? You can't bring yourself to say, "Here is where Jesus and I part company," so you just don't answer at all. Infuriating.
Oops. Sorry Papamoka. I seem to have gone on a bit of a tear there...

4:03 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Tear away JW any time you feel like you need to vent. It adds to the atmosphere around this joint.

5:11 PM  

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