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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Third Party in 2008

What are the odds that a third party candidate with potential as the spoiler will run for President in 2008? Whenever I see the third party I picture the 2000 election that was a fiasco for Gore and a steal for Bush. Then again in 2004 for Kerry and yet another steal for Bush. I’m not by any means saying that we shouldn’t have more than two choices but when you take the third party theory apart you take the majority of their votes away from the Democrats and toss it to the Mini Publicans. So the Democrats loose and the third party looses. Now that is a concept that I’m sure makes guys like Karl Goosestep Rove drool.

The last two Presidential elections the Democrats have suffered from a fractured party. The third party wasn’t built on a mix of Republicans and Democrats but it was a cast off from the Democrats. People that just didn’t think their message and concerns were being heard loud enough. They were right. The Dem’s need to cast a wide net and pull these disenfranchised voters back to the party. That is not an easy task onto itself but worth the effort to get the White House back. Granted most of these folks are so extreme left that Ted Kennedy looks like a conservative but the Dem’s have to make an effort to get them back. How do we get them back in the fold? Is anyone at the DNC looking at what these folks are asking for or looking for in a candidate? I have a few ideas how you do it….

You take the current Oil crisis and the price gouging and make it a sword for fighting for a sound environmental policy that makes Bush look like an Industrial Age Tycoon. Wait a second…he is an Industrial Age Tycoon but you know what I mean. You go after the people that are thinking more Nuke’s is a good idea and show them what a one megawatt wind turbine is. They plant hundreds of them like a cornfield offshore and potentially power hundreds of thousands of homes. You come up with a plan to make cars more energy efficient and tax, yes tax folks who can afford to buy and gas up a Hummer to pay for research in alternative environmentally friendly energy sources for cars. You offer a serious energy rebate plan for people to go solar to power their homes. Not using oil to heat your home, here is a rebate with your government’s thanks. Using oil, here is a deduction if you have your furnace cleaned and maintained every year. Live in the northern parts of the country and insulate your home, here is a full deduction for your contribution to America’s energy crisis. You might see a pattern here. Anyone over at the DNC reading this blog you might want to take some notes?

Anywho, not to discourage other parties from running but if there is a Pat Robertswhatshisface wing of the mini publicans that wants to split off and run good old Pat again please feel free. Maybe we could get someone like good old Uncle Bill O’Reilly to run as the Factor Party? That would be fair and balanced wouldn’t it? Ralph Nader, give it up and sit down and shut up. George Bush sending you birthday cards and happy Wednesday flowers does not mean he thinks you are a man of integrity and principal. He just can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for him.


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