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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bloggin Thoughts

I've been doing this for a while and it's kind of fun to do. Frankly, it is almost addictive. Someday down the road I will probably have to go too bloggers anonymos and pledge to never blog again. For now, I have the jones going and as long as the wife doesn't change all my passwords I'm good to go.

All of this writing is supposed to be supported by folks reading it and interacting with what was published. Lurkers are out there and I appreciate your one or two hits but you need to have a voice when it comes to this blog. Yes, I do have my own mind set on what I think are the issues of the day but so do you as a lurker. Speak up. Play a part in the dialogue that will have an effect on your life and your line of thinking. Who knows, you might even change my mind with a comment that makes sense. An angle of the thought process that I didn't think of. It could happen but it won't if you do not participate. Comment and tell me your thoughts. Pro or con it doesn't matter. Keep it clean though.

People all over the world are checking this site out and they have good reason to do so. I talk about the events in politics that effect the world. I don't pull punches and sugar coat anything that this American thinks. I give it the Straight Talk!

I need advertisers to support this daily blog and I thank them for giving me the opportunity to blog my thoughts. They keep the pages going day after day but they are nothing if people like you don't come back to see the latest tantrum or deep thought that goes into publishing this every day. Talk to me, support these posts and become involved with the world that is happening around you.

I do not want to put a link for donations on this page if I don't have too.

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