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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bush Supports Alzheimers...NOT!

This was in the Herald Tribune of Southwest Florida today. Here is the link.

"President Bush has proposed eliminating more than $20 million in grants for national and state Alzheimer's programs next year, setting off a campaign by interest groups to get the money restored."

Let me see if I get this right? Yesterday President Bush told the six million seniors still not enrolled in Medicare Part D that if you don't sign up for a prescription plan by May 15th your screwed. Today President Bush is cutting grant money to help support people with Alzheimers? What in God's good name is he thinking? If this doesn't turn your stomach then I don't know what will. How can Bush do this and still sleep at night? What is he going to do with the money? Maybe his top 2% of income earners need the $20 million in another tax cut more than the families dealing with Alzheimers on a daily basis?

Having lost my Dad in 2003 I know first hand how horrible this disease is. My Dad was only 76 when he passed away and it was a rough road to travel. Outside support for the care givers is essential to the family that cares for the aflicted person.

Keep yourself informed on Alzheimers by visiting the Alzheimers Association.

I can't wait to see which Mini Publican signs on to this idea. I'm just one man with one voice but this is going to damn far! If you think Bush is going to far by cutting Alzheimers Grants to the states then leave a comment.

I appreciate your support.


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