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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tax cut for the Bush top 2%

Follow the link to the MSNBC news and you see why President Bush is cutting Alzheimers grant funding to the states by $20 Millon. The millionaires are gaining once more at the expense of the little people taking care of our elderly parents and grand parents with Alzheimers. Who would of thought he could sink any lower? Can his approval ratings sink any lower?

Not the seventy percent of the nation that know he is screwing the American people in his lame duck last session of a Mini Publican controlled Congress. The man has no clue. Pro big business and pro tax cuts for the billionaires and millionaires and to hell with the middle class and lower class people of our great country. He is punishing the country for not giving him a mandate and that is all there is to his message. President Bush will take care of his base and to hell with the rest of the country.

We need to get out the vote and take out the poison this November! Vote Democrat across the board.


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