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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Being a Democrat

Just because you are a Democrat does not mean you have to follow the party line one hundred percent of the time. I for one am not your typical all left Democrat and I am in fact guilty from time to time of having Mini Publican thoughts. Not often but sometimes I have a weak moment. I don’t have to take medication for this debilitating problem to which I am very thankful.

There are hot point issues such as abortion that people assume that because I am a Democrat then I must believe in Pro-choice. Nope, I’m also a Catholic so those two things don’t go together for me personally. I’m not out protesting a woman’s personal choice to get an abortion either.

Guns, the Dem’s and Liberal’s are out to get the guns and toss out the second amendment to the Constitution. Nope, if you choose to own a gun be it for hunting or self-defense then that is your right under the Constitution. It’s worked for two hundred plus years so far. I don’t personally own a gun because I have small kids. I’ve seen and heard far to many horror stories of kids finding their father’s gun. Friends of mine have them and treat their guns with the respect that they deserve. All the power to them as a law abiding gun owner.

I’m a Democrat that doesn’t believe in the death penalty but I would be the first one to vote yes for it if Osama Bin Laden was on trial and I was on the jury. I would even consider it an honor to throw the switch at his execution. My main reason for not being a full supporter of the death penalty is of course my religion but secondly is the six percent that have been put to death that were later found innocent with undeniable proof. That would have been six people that should be alive for every one hundred injected, electrocuted, hanged or gassed.

I could go on an on what a stereotype Democrat is but then that would make me guilty of profiling which I’m somewhat for and somewhat against. No two people will always have the same opinion on everything and that is why we elect people that for the most part that agree with us.

For six years now the Mini Publicans have had total control of the government and blamed all of us typical Democrats for everyone’s lot in life. They’ve painted us all as extreme left and each and every one of us goes to Mega Liberal Collective meetings every Saturday. They have the crime in the country tied to the Dem’s, and of course that we are all atheists’ heathens that have never even seen a bible never mind read one. Ask a Mini Publican about the Democrats and they start painting a pagan ritual with dozens of free-range single mom’s kids just wandering the streets stealing old ladies pocketbooks.

Time to do some serious educating of the people on what being a Democrat is really all about. There are many red states that could easily be blue states if people know that we are not the stereotype that the Mini Publicans have portrayed us all out to be. Let me know what you think?


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