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Friday, April 28, 2006

Lobbyist Reform

I was reading the news about Congress and the efforts to get "Lobbyist Reform" passed and was laughing my little butt off at some of the arogant remarks by some of the mini publicans. One went as far as to say “Changing anything here in Washington is almost impossible.” said John Boehner Republican “The status quo is a powerful force.” Now this could have been taken out of context and he might of been talking about house rules requiring a daily change of your underwear but the article didn't clarify that.

What is at stake to get it passed you might ask? Well one thing is that the Dem's want the damn cookie jar put up in a locked cabinet and the mini publicans want it moved just a little to the right. "Earmarks" as they call them to list what add ons were attached to a bill and at who's requests...meaning the lobbyist. The other point the mini publicans have with it is they just don't want to have to leave all them nice gifts and meals on the table. Good old Nancy P. is doing her best to keep them honest but that would be like fighting the moon. She's got a good right hook but you can't seem to land a solid hit.

I say the Dem's introduce a bill that all members of Congress and the Senate have to brown bag it to work every day. I do it, my kids do it. Working late, pack up the Tupperware leftovers from last night and nuke them in the microwave. We'll have John Kerry attach the bill with a requirement of no gifts larger than a stick of gum. And if you put the gum under your house seat you have to pay a penalty and stand in the front of the house with the gum on your nose. Now that is house reform!


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