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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tony Snow Appointment

While nobody was looking the President stumped us all and reached out far and wide to find an independent thinker to be his Press Secratary. Well he reached as far as the Fox News Network of ...fair and balanced journalists to get his pick of Tony Snow. Now that was a fresh breath of clean air...cough, hack, wheeze.

I can hear old Uncle Bill O at the Factor coughing up a lung knowing that his "Fair and Balanced" agenda is all over the news. His cover and funding is blown. Not that it was a secret but it was fun for Uncle Bill to pretend he was an independent thinker and real journalist. "Looking out for the folks." He tells us and many of his viewers and listeners believe him.

I used too listen on the radio and watch on the idiot box. I attend meetings now as a recovering Conservative Liberal American Democrat Addict. CLADA as we call ourselves. We are the ultimate oxymoron but it happens to people. Irish Americans that have been set on the right track so to speak. Voted for Reagan twice and still thought what we thought was right but saw the light. Yes, I still have issues. I am in remission from my sickness and you too should think about seeking help. We validate values that are humane and just for the middle and lower classes. Free parking too.

I'm betting big that all of a sudden Fox News has exclusives all over the place in the coming months news. The new Bush war with Iran will break on Fox if it is going to happen. The oil and gas gouging scandal will break on Fox if they really go after one of their own. This is all so transparent that it isn't funny and nobody else has picked up on it anywhere in the blog-o-sphere? I'm surprised! No I'm shocked!

All you bloggers should hang your head in shame or at least hit the space bar a couple of times in shame as you finally come up with the real deal.


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