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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Gas Crisis is Over...

I’m telling you I don’t know what we would have all done if President Bush didn’t come along and save the day today. Prices at the pump should be dropping by Friday thanks to all his efforts. Then on top of it he is unleashing all his federal pit bulls on all them pesky oil companies for price gouging.

I just sent off an email to my good friends over at the local gas station where I tank up that they better be watching their backs. Bush is kicking ass and taking names. They gave me a dollar off on my oil change to do their part to help the nations crisis but I think they still gouged me on the bag of chips I bought.

Now all of the mini publicans out there can all brag how only they knew how to fix this crisis and we should all be thankful to them for it. I think one of them is on the volunteer fire department here in town and we haven’t lost a cellar yet so he must know what he is talking about.

Unlike all them cry baby democrats whining about how they can’t afford to tank up the old Geo Metro and the kids will have to go without food and diapers. If you listen to all of them then we are all going to be a nation of walking, no cheese for our lunches, free range babies. Soup kitchens and welfare checks are an equal opportunity public service. Be thankful that we have them.

Suck it up the mini publicans tell me as they tank up the SUV Supper Tanker that they got for free from the local yacht dealership as part of the rebate back from the factory program. As they pull away from the pumps you can read the back of the yacht…Texas Gold. Our national crisis is over. Thank you Mr. President.

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