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Monday, April 24, 2006


Well they started throwing punches today on Capitol Hill. The Republicans tossing blame granades at the Democrats for the cost of Gas. Dem's fired back with a volley of counter blame for passing legislation the big oil companies wanted. So this is how it starts. The press will cover who said what about whom and in the meantime the prices for gas at the pump will start to drift up and over $3.00 per gallon. Seeing how they are both calling for investigations into price gouging the big oil companies butts are however somewhat in a sling. How are they going to get their keister out of this one? Same way they always have.

Watch the news and see who heads up the investigations if one ever happens. We have a Republican controlled congress and senate that will appoint and independent thinking Republican committee. The presidency is held by a Republican that is also a former oil man that says we are addicted to oil with a smirk. Then cuts spending on alternative energy studies and programs. Somehow it will all be blamed on market conditions that the government or the big oil companies can not control. That's right, you and I are to blame for the cost of gasoline at the pump. The Dem's will cry foul and rightfully so.

Favors will be promised to politicians effected by the investigation if they loose an election. More of the Oil exec's will bail into retirement with huge golden parachutes so that they can't be blamed. The finger pointing of one party against the other will continue till it is concluded without a doubt that price gouging is not and never has happened. In one years time the American people will be glad that gas isn't $4.50 a gallon and will gladly spend the $2.50 average price.

So the cost of the Gas war is going to show in the quarterly earnings of the big oil companies where everyone will agree that $9 billion net profit every three months is nothing compared to $15 billion. Now that is an exit strategy!
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