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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bush and Gas Politics

I think that the president is just another politician that will say what you want to hear and do the exact opposite to help the people that put him where he is. One thing he has accomplished is putting an end to the Bush dynasty in American politics. Jeb can kiss a White House election goodbye. The simple facts are all over the news and the blogs and at the gas pumps. In two terms as president he has brought our nation to war and to its knees financially. And yet he is still going for the jugular?

Bill Clinton handed him a house in order with huge surpluses that could pay our deficit down and that was not good enough. George Bush sought and passed the largest tax cuts to the top five percent of income earners in history not once but twice. The second time was during a time of war for our nation. For the record, never in U.S. history has a tax cut ever happened in a time of war. I'm not sure if you can call it a war either because a declaration of war has never been declared as far as I know? The congress just gave him cart blanche to do what he saw fit. The war on terrorism is rather vague and at thier own definition as it fits the days events. Checks and balances failed that test of governing.

He declared the no children left behind act and then didn't fund it for the education of our kids? He revamped prescriptions for our seniors and then made it a maze that even the highest of educated government leaders can't figure it all out. Medicare part D is a nightmare to comprehend but if you don't figure it out you pay a fine after May 15th if you do not pick a plan? One percent penalty graduated upward per year I believe is the way they are helping our seniors. But the congress made good with the lobbyist's and put in a safe mode to make sure the Pharmacy companies were protected from lawsuits and competition in the market place and he signed it into law.

There is one recouring ideology about this president and this Republican led government, if you do not live in their world, then you do not matter. Friends in the millionaire club support other friends in the club. We have had six years of robbing the middle and lower class of this country and the laugh of it all is that they have so many people who are hurting believing that they are honestly looking out for them!

Billions of dollars are being sucked out of this economy daily by the few and the rest of us just have to grin and bare it because we put them in office! Checks and balances. If they will not police themselves then we as the voters have to speak loud and clear.


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