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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hillary in 2008? Not really.

Shawn Howard has it absolutely right on the Dem’s putting all the chips on Hillary for 08. I think it would be a big mistake too. I could imagine a Hillary vs. the mini-publicans and it would be a good campaign but I can not for the life of me seeing her win it in the end. The majority of her popularity is in who her husband is and was. Now Bill could literally charm the skirt off of an intern but I digress. Hillary does not have the charm and speaking skills that her husband does. When Bill Clinton talks he makes everyone feel that he is talking to you and with you rather than an audience of ten thousand folks. Hillary speaks and your mind wanders off in thought pondering if you locked the front door of the house or not when you left.

Joe Biden has character and a firm grasp of what he is talking about. The Dem's should be putting all the money on Joe for President in 2008! Granted, sometimes he doesn’t know when to shut up and he is the first one to admit it. When he is talking it is from a deep understanding of the topic and with real facts to back it up. Even when he calls in on Imus in the Morning he has to be told to shut up and listen once in a while but he takes it with grace and class. When you get right down to it all he is a genuine person and not just telling you what you want to hear but what is the truth. Now that would be something fresh and inviting at the White House.

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