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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Does Congress Know Rumsfelds Plan?

I'm concerned over the latest story on MSNBC from The Washington post by Ann Scott Tyson...

So should you. So should your congressional member! You should be very concerned about the expansion of such a plan on the world. Last time I checked Donald Rumsfeld was not the President of the United States. What committee in Washington did this plan blow through? Apparently, it didn't have to go through Congress, the President approved it himself? How does that work on the hill if the President ultimately through Rumsfeld is authorizing operations that could be taken as an act of war? President Bush simply claims defense of our country?

Rumsfeld is taking President Bush's war to his charges in the military and side stepping the CIA because he simply can by Presidential order. Special service teams will go in and deal with what is or is not politically acceptable to the administration or what is not? Anyone other than me have a problem with this? If this tactic and generalization was used on 9/11 then we would have obliterated Saudi Arabia, one of our greatest allies in the region. Most of the participants were from Saudi Arabia! Our military is for national defense and not for speculated political interaction with other nations. Period! Rumsfeld has other plans and has them all approved to strike regardless of what you and I think is right. How is the Congress allowing this to happen? How are we to stand strong in the world if we are going into our friends back yards and doing as our Military agencies please? Using the military as your intelligence gathering information base can never be a good thing. Our boys and girls want to kick ass and take names later. That is what they do. God love them all for being there for us all but this is not who we as a nation are? You have to think of the big picture on this one. There is no Republican or Democrat arguement on this one.

The budget for this strong arm brigade is 8 billion US dollars! Up 60% since 2003 according to Ann Scott Tyson in her article. Anyone have a clue in the Congress as to what that money is really spent on? Any oversight? Probably not. Email or write your representatives and ask the questions. Meanwhile President Bush can't fund the rebuilding of the hurricain stricken south? 8 billion dollars to fight a couple of guys in the desert that decided they wanted to punch the big kid on the block in the nose is far more important.

This is the key phase that the Bush administration has to blindly do whatever they care to do. "Terrorists". No name, no nationality, no country of origin, just Terrorists. Paint that fence any color you want and if President Bush or Rumsfeld himself think its in poor taste then you too could be a terrorist. I wouldn't be surprised to see them use in it some spin that all the immigrants from Mexico or South America are terrorists. Does this ring a bell to anyone from the World War II days. Place a label out there and make it fit whatever you please.

President Bush is a man with his own personal agenda and nobody is going to knock him off that pedastal. Some folks could take that as leadership and others take it as the lack there of. Authorizing our military to act out for any reason in any country without notice to our Ambassador first and the host government is so far from what our founding fathers wanted our country to be about. That is not the American way.

I am a proud American of the United States of America. Speaking out as is my right as an American citizen.


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