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Thursday, April 27, 2006

John Kerry makes sense

John Kerry has presented Bill Frist with a letter regarding passing real legislation to cut all the tax cuts and freebies the oil and gas companies get. Pamela Leavey at The Democratic Daily has it posted on her site along with a few other news worthy blogs.

Now this is the kind of stuff that John Kerry does that he never gets credit for. He is out there fighting the good fight for people and somehow this will get spinned around that the mini publicans came out with it first. I've been following Kerry lately and it is almost as if he's reinvented himself to some degree. He gave a great speach down in Boston recently and the media just gobbled him up. They were mentioning that if he had given speaches like that when he was running for office he would be sitting in the White House today. There still is no real confirmation that he will run again but he's sounding more Presidential every day.

I was surprised today when I drove by the gas station where I normally tank up and the price had dropped below $2.90. Do you think that the retailers of gasoline are getting the jump on the wholesalers? All this talk all over the place about IRS Audits and Congressional investigations into price gouging might just be getting some serious attention. I tell ya, it pisses me off when I throw thirty bucks in the tank and it just barely makes it over half a tank on the gas gauge. I'm waiting to see the first gas station that puts one of those punching bags up over the pump so you can whack it once or twice to vent your frustrations. Better yet putting a picture of one of them mini publicans on it to really get your anxieties out. Then again, that might cause lines at the pumps so we better not.


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