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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oil Company IRS Audits

All the bean counters are lining up at the big five oil companies with pencils sharpened and ready to take a poke from the IRS Auditors. Can you picture the CEO’s of these companies swearing up a storm and cursing themselves for writing that last campaign donation check. Not that the audits will find anything more than a few dinners that were really trips to a nudie bar but it makes me feel better. Just knowing that somebody is scrutinizing big oil is good enough for me.

Well it seems like everyone on both sides of the isle in Washington has their own little plan to save the consumers from the high gasoline prices. I saw one that will give us each a check for $100 to help offset the rising cost. Another one is cutting the tax breaks that gave the oil companies two billion in investment relief for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. One other plan was to declare a tax holiday at the pump for a couple of months. Then there is the one that really made me see the joke of it all. Some Dem’s want to change the accounting rules for the top five oil companies so that over a period of five years they would end up paying four billion in additional taxes. Of course the Mini Publicans will have no part of that plan and neither will President Bush. They see it as a windfall profit tax that is unfair to the companies involved. Tell me we didn’t see this one coming? Are they or are they not the same companie cranking out record quarterly profits…again!

So today we will see who will try to out do whom on attacking big oil and casting accusations of disgust at the opposing party. As long as they get the cost of gas down at the pump they can fight like cats and dogs all day and night. At least now they are fighting over who is really taking care of all of us out here where life really is happening.


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