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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain Moves Venezuela to the Middle East

First John McCain moves Spain to Latin America and now he is moving Venezuela to the Middle East. Pssssst Senator McCain, they are not like furniture in your many houses that you can move around on a whim. These countries you keep rearranging are on different continents! Venezuela is in South America but I’ll keep this between you and I John. Mum is the word on your vast foreign relations experience.

Over at America Blog they have this interesting article about Venezuela…

Video Link

The next thing you know he is going to want to move New Mexico to Mexico, Rhode Island to the Bahamas, New England to Great Britain. And for all of you folks in Arizona, Senator McCain is moving the state to Florida to consolidate all them pesky Social Security whiners. Cindy wants to put in a new pool.

I am a little concerned about how he feels about California though. Latest reports had him down at Home Depot buying up the entire stock of pry bars and asking which way to the (Expletive) San Andres Fault?

Note to self: Do not let John McCain book our next vacation plans to ANYWHERE!


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Blogger Claudia Snell said...

Hey Papamoka - maybe you are just misunderstanding McCain's plans for dealing with foreign policy. If he moves all the countries around they will be too busy packing / unpacking and getting confused about their new area codes and mail forwarding to cause much trouble.

Brilliant! That's a maverick for you.

4:44 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Did you mean to say "Maverick" or "Mapwreck" Claudia?

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you both crack me up. Between his wanting to put all oil rich countries in the desert and Palin looking over the 50 mile water way that seperates Alaska from Russia, we are in for some trouble...Please let the americans wake up.

7:03 PM  
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