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Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCain Is Not Bipartisan

All of the drama that John McCain put into “Suspending his Campaign” to rush back to our nations capitol some 22 hours later was all window dressing. McCain literally claimed that he was going back to the capitol and the Senate to work across party lines to fix the Wall Street disaster. That would be working with the Senate and House of Reps controlled by Democrats right? Umm, only one problem with that thought process from the Senator from Arizona, the closest he got to talking to a Democrat was dinner with Senator Joe Lieberman (I) whom has slapped all Democrats politically in the face in Connecticut. Over at Think Progress they have this to say about McCain being Bipartisan.

McCain Calls For Bipartisan Cooperation On Financial Bailout, But Refuses To Talk With Democrats

On Wednesday afternoon, John McCain claimed to want to put partisanship aside to focus his attention on the financial crisis. “We must meet as Americans, not as Democrats or Republicans, and we must meet until this crisis is resolved,” he said. Yesterday, McCain’s top aide Mark Salter stressed that McCain was “calling members on both sides.”

But throughout his short involvement in the negotiations over the past few days, McCain has talked almost exclusively with Republicans.
- Think Progress

Since Senator McCain has been absent for over 160 plus days in the Senate, not voted on one bill since he took the campaign trail, not been seriously privy to inside politics he probably needed to just do some catching up with his close buds. Knowing that both houses of Congress and the President were working on a compromise deal with the financial bailout package, he had no say in the matter and his input was not required. Ergo, “Suspending his Campaign” to work out a Bipartisan deal was just a political stunt.

One thing John McCain has proven in this latest political debacle is this, in the greatest financial crisis this nation has faced since the days of FDR, he not only did not talk to anyone in the opposition political party but he out right ignored them. What does that tell the people that would vote for him to be President? It tells me that voting for McCain is voting for four more years of one political party refusing to talk to the other side of the aisle.

It all proves that John McCain has no intention of ever being Bipartisan if elected President. Welcome to George Bush 3.0!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So true, he is so transparent or least I believe that he is but it seems a large amount of the population is still in denial

7:57 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Denial is a large problem to overcome but the latest Gallup Poll numbers show almost an 8 point lead by Obama across the country. 50% to 42% against McSame.

America is slow to wake up but at the end of the day we all know what is best for America and four more years of someone identical to President Bush will not be a good thing.

8:46 PM  

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