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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama - McCain First Debate Thoughts

One of the reasons why the American people elect our President is how they look on television. Throw out all the policies and issues in any election when it comes to a one on one debate between the candidates. Screw up your mannerism and body language during a debate at this level and it comes down to people thinking you just tripped on the stage as you went to accept your award. The awkwardness just does not go away from the viewers and for the purpose of this post, the voters.

The first example of this phenomenom was during the Kennedy - Nixon debate, Nixon was sick and refused make-up, Kennedy looked healthy and ready to lead with his dark suit and make-up that made him look the part as President for the American viewer and voter. Knock out punch for Kennedy.

Ronald Reagan used his quick wit to make Walter Mondale look condescending when the Mondale repeatedly used Reagan’s advanced age as an issue. Reagan simply stated that he would not take advantage of his opponent age and lack of experience in this race. Knock out punch for Reagan!

In this first debate between McCain and Obama I have to give the knock out punch to Obama based solely on the fact he looked more comfortable on the world stage and had no problem looking John McCain in the eyes. McCain looked cold and confrontational by his mannerisms and body language. Even when the debate was over and the two men walked off to meet their wives, Barack and Michelle Obama kissed on the lips, John kissed Cindy McCain on the cheek? Biggest event of your life, kiss your wife on the cheek or kiss her on the lips. I’d go for the lips but I’m funny that way. John McCain comes off as a cold fish to me and apparently to his lovely wife too!

Check this out from the Today show with comments from body language and tell signs as to who really won this debate…

Video Link

It just seems odd to me that John McCain could not even look at Obama during the debate. It was almost as if he was afraid to do so? It isn’t like they don’t know one another from the Senate? What was McCain afraid of? Then again, maybe it wasn’t fear, it could have been shame?

Over at Rachel Maddow she did an interview with leader Jon Soltz, an Iraq War Veteran. In the interview disabled veterans know that John McCain is not a friend to Veterans or the VA that they depend on for services. So when John McCain tells veterans that he will take care of veterans he means something entirely different. He was against the new GI Bill, fully funding the VA, armoring up the troops in Iraq and the list goes on…

Video Link

This debate was won by Obama and john McCain handed it to him on a silver platter. I say so because once more he lied to not just Iraq War Vet’s but to all Veterans!


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