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Monday, September 29, 2008

Should Sarah Palin Step Down?

The simple question on people's minds is “Should we allow Sarah Palin to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency?”

I know this is an old conversation but after last weeks interview with Katie Couric showing she can not handle anything other than the spoon fed information that she is regurgitating. Everyone points to the “sexism” card to be the reason for people attacking her. This is so beyond gender, this is someone that is just not ready; she is in way over her head.
I have heard numerous political commentators today speak of ways that Sarah could get out of the race so not to embarrass herself or the Republican Party anymore than she already has. McCain stood by his running mate stating “She is a Maverick herself, and she will be my partner in Washington.” Is McCain really that stupid??? I do understand that he took the risk with Palin and being the gambler he is I am sure that he thinks he can make this situation work.

I do not believe that she should be treated any different than any other person running for office. She is not some delicate flower that will break if you say anything cross to her. No person running whether it is Obama, McCain or Biden has had anything held back regarding them. She needs to hold her own and I do not believe that she will.

The columnist Kathleen Parker wrote how she supported and wanted nothing more than to see Sarah succeed, but that was short lived. She as a middle-aged conservative writer would like to see Sarah Palin step down because she has become too large of a risk for the Republican Party. I say “Keep her talking” and it only helps us democrats in our cause. The best thing that was written by Parker was just this "If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself.” The 830 or so comments posted after this column were all "over the board" but mostly from conservative’s going after Parker for stating what everyone else is thinking. The denial is killing me!! Reading through the comments you see people so willing to blindly support their ticket no matter what. People are backing a woman that we really do not even know, a person none the less that has been caught in lies and has only 3 talking points which she falls on when she is lost for words. I personally do not want this woman anywhere close to Washington. She has the conservative middle aged women vote, the ones who would vote for a corpse if it had a uterus. I think the pure ignorance of the Republican Party is what drives me the craziest, I know my candidate is not perfect but he has proved himself to be trustworthy and humble, not an elitist as the right likes to call him.

I only hope that time will tell in the favor of the American people.

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Blogger Papamoka said...

Honestly, I don't see McCain even allowing her the option of bailing out. It would make his judgement and selection of a VP look bad. I think he is stuck with her and that is the best news for Democrats!

Great Post!

11:14 PM  

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