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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where's Spain - McCain

In an interview with one of Spain's largest news organizations John McCain mistakenly thought that Spain was in Latin America when he answered? It all comes from a direct question of whether a McCain White House would invite the President of Spain for a visit. The reporter clarified her question twice and still got the same answer.

Over at AmericaBlog they have this to say...

When asked about Spain and Zapatero, by a Spanish reporter for a Spanish newspaper, McCain responded about Mexico and Latin America. A reader suggested something that Josh had already considered, that perhaps McCain thought the reporter was talking about the Zapatistas in Mexico, the guerilla group. But that's not possible as the reporter clearly said she was talking about Spain and Spain's leader, Zapatero. She told McCain this twice. Let me tell you exactly what she asked McCain (per the translation):

"Senator, finally, let's talk about Spain. If you're elected president, would you invite President Zapatero to meet with you in the White House?"

McCain then gives this odd answer about America's friends and America's enemies. He also, oddly, talks about Mexico (why Mexico? The question was about Spain) and how he'd invite friendly leaders to the White House. She then asks him again, would that invitation include President Zapatero? He says again that he'd have to review relations first, blah blah. She then says again, "so you'd have to wait to see, so would you meet with him in the White House?" He again repeats his weird statement about friends and enemies. McCain also throws in, oddly, to the Spanish reporter, when she's asking him about meeting the Spanish president, a line about the importance of our relationship with Latin America (this is now the second time he answered a question about meeting the president of Spain with an answer about Latin America). She then says to McCain one last time:

"Okay, but I'm talking about Europe - the president of Spain, would you meet with him?"This time, there was no room for confusion. McCain then gives this very bizarre answer:

"I will meet with any leader who has the same principles and philosophy as us in terms of human rights, democracy, and freedom and I will stand up to those who do not." - America Blog

This is the exact reason why the choice for Vice President by any political candidate running for President is so important! I find myself thinking of former Vice President Dan Quayle and the speech he once gave about the people of Latin America speaking Latin?

Heads up to all you map makers, you need to move Spain from Europe to South America or tack it onto the side of Mexico. Either way, it must be true because the Republican running for President says so!

**UPDATE: Audio in English of the interview

*****My good friend from Vim & Vinegar has linked in... Thank You!

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Blogger Pink Granite said...

Once again McCain has left me slack jawed!
You'd think by now I would just shake my head. But every time something this outrageously inept (or another lie) comes out of the McCain/Palin duo or The Big Republican Machine, I'm stunned.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I wish I was making this stuff up???

What I really find ironic is that John McCain is supposed to be the foreign relations expert. Looks to me like he just slapped the people of Spain right upside the head.

No offense to all the Spanish readers of this blogs feed intended.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sit here shaking my head, to numb for words

8:31 PM  

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