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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Remember the POW Bracelets From Vietnam

Why is it so hard to believe that a mother would give a bracelet to Barack Obama a Presidential candidate and ask him to wear it with pride. To ask him to remember the pain she feels with the loss of her son so other mothers will never feel the same pain. It was a request from a mother devastated by the loss of her son killed by an IED in Iraq to a man running for President that wants to end the war in Iraq. She is not a political operative as much as she is just a Mom first. Thinking of other mothers and the pain they would have gone through with the death of a child in Iraq. She is just a military Mom and that is all she is. Why is the right wing Blogosphere attacking a military Mom mourning the death of her son? Do they not remember the Veterans of Vietnam and the gauntlet they all faced coming home? It sounds like they only support Republican voting troops! Dead or alive! All you Democrat, moderate, and independent troops do not count?

Many people in the media picked this story up when Barack Obama countered John McCain in the recent debate with “I wear a bracelet too” response, but I wear it for a very different reason than you Senator McCain. Mom and Dad of the KIA military son are separated or divorced and that is another discussion for others to disgustingly blog about. It is not part of my article.

What is important is that a mother loved her son and thought of other peoples children and was fearful of how many more sons should not have to die in this war. A legitimate point. She isn’t running for President, her candidate is. Get off of her back! Over at the Chicago Tribune they have this to say on this strange dilema and attack on the mother of a dead soldier killed in Iraq…

Soldier's mom defends Obama's mention of bracelet
By DINESH RAMDE Associated Press Writer
6:37 PM CDT, September 28, 2008

MILWAUKEE - After Tracy Jopek gave Sen. Barack Obama a bracelet in honor of her son who was killed in Iraq, she asked Obama not to mention the bracelet on the campaign trail.

But Jopek told The Associated Press on Sunday that she's satisfied with how Obama discussed it during last week's presidential debate.

Jopek gave Obama the bracelet at a Green Bay rally in February. It has the name of her son, Sgt. Ryan David Jopek, and the date the 20-year-old was killed by a roadside bomb, Aug. 2, 2006. "All gave some -- He gave all," it says.
- Chicago Tribune

I will be brutally honest with you. I have friends of mine from the Vietnam War era that still wear the bracelets of missing P.O.W.’s. Decades after the war has ended. They wear them with pride and honor. They do so to never forget them. It isn’t a campaign thing to do so or a stunt talking point for them, it is a brotherhood obligation. Google search Patriot Guard Riders or just click here and you will see where real veterans never forget. And they are joined by thousands of people that have never worn the uniform. Respectfully, and thankfully so. When the extreme right wing religious organizations damned all of our fallen troops to hell then that was just too much to swallow. America honors its fallen soldiers no matter why or where they were killed in action. They died serving our nation and gave the ultimate price. We can never forget that and we should not politicize it. They are all of our troops and a casket knows no political affiliation.

McCain came to the debate and this Presidential election with an empty suit of support for Veteran’s. Talk to any disabled Vet and you will get an earful of how McCain and President Bush have shafted them all over and over again. Too many Veteran organizations are voicing loud and clear against McCain because of his voting record in the Senate against Veteran’s. But it is still your vote.


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Blogger Pink Granite said...

Thanks for covering this aspect of the debate. I particularly appreciated the link to the Chicago Tribune article.
- Lee

1:43 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

When I first spotted this issue on right wing blogs I had a gut feeling that there was more to the story that was not being told and the Tribune proved my gut right. Thanks for the feedback Lee!

5:46 AM  
Anonymous financial help said...

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